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Community Letter from Dr. Greer 5-15-19



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May 15, 2019


Dear Sharon Community,


It saddens me to share with you that this morning a students discovered a swastika accompanied by a racial slur written on a whiteboard in one of the classrooms at Sharon High. I commend our students for being upstanders and for their quick action of alerting school administration and the school resource officer.


The Sharon Public Schools is committed to supporting and embracing each and every student, family and community member regardless of race, religion, class, or sexual orientation. On behalf of my students, educators and staff, I stand against the actions of anyone who promotes or believes that this type of hatred and vandalism will not be tolerated. These types of incidences send chills through our schools and community each time they happen and it is time for them to cease.


The Sharon Police Department is actively investigating this cultural and religious assault on our school. I am grateful for their partnership and support.


I believe that as an educational organization, it is our responsibility to educate and teach about issues related to equity, race, and discrimination; especially in socially challenging times such as these. I am grateful for the longstanding, collaborative partnership that we have with the Anti-Defamation League (​​) which we will continue to access their resources and support. Most recently, my team of administrators and I have been collaborating to expand our relationship with the Facing History and Ourselves organization (​​) so to ensure that our curriculum and instructional practices are intentional and explicit in addressing these very serious issues.


The incident at the high school is an affront to our core values of acceptance, equity, honesty, integrity, respect, kindness and teamwork. Please join me in supporting our shared commitment to diversity and compassion for one another.



Dr. Victoria L. Greer

Dr. Victoria L. Greer, Superintendent