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New Elementary Districts for 2019-2020

Notification of New Elementary Districts

March 5, 2019


On February 27, 2019, the Sharon School Committee voted to adopt “Option 3” which redefines the three elementary school districts.  The new districts will take effect for the 2019-2020 school year.  This decision came after several years of research by the school administration and the enrollment committee advisory group made up of parents, staff and community members. The goal was to address the increased enrollment at the elementary schools. There were multiple ideas and redistricting configurations discussed and shared with the School Committee that would meet our goal. We also attempted to impact the least amount of families but still address the enrollment concerns with the options presented.


Below, please find additional information on which streets will be affected, the protocol around 5thgrade “grandfathering,” procedures around siblings, our commitment to a positive, welcoming transition, and a timeline on transportation information.



The Cottage Street School district will include all streets currently districted for Cottage less Areas 1 and 2 as listed below.  The Cottage district will run from North Main Street (around Gabriel Road) South through the center of town, to the high school, and then along the East side of Massapoag to the Easton line.  Cottage will include the Avalon complex.


East Elementary School will include all of its current streets and will pick up Area 2 (streets in the Northern part of town closest to Canton; Apple Valley, Cortland, Orchard, Richards, Saw Mill, Tiot, Glen Hill, Canton, Dedham, Lexington, Edge Hill, Baldwin). 


Heights Elementary will include all of its current streets and will pick up Area 1 (streets along Rte. 27 heading toward Walpole; Cedrus, Huckleberry, Pheasantwood, Beaverbrook, Blueberry, Bullard, Fales, Norwood (185 and up), High Plain, Hurley, Cobbler). 


Enrollment by School:

The redistricting option will adjust the overall enrollment at each of the schools as follows: Cottage 480, East 510, and Heights 530.  These approximations may shift as families move in and out of Sharon.


Family Focus:

A primary goal is to ensure that families are kept together as much as we are able.  Therefore, we consider the following decisions to meet this goal; Kindergarten placement, transportation set-up, and the option for 5thgraders to remain at their current elementary schools.  5thgrade grandfathering is an optional offer made to those students whose streets are being moved in their last year of elementary school.  Transportation for grandfathered 5thgraders is not automatically available, regardless of the 2-mile rule.


Transitions to a New School:

We recognize that many students will make a move to a new school as a result of redistricting.  We are committed to ensuring that all children and their families are welcomed into their new school community in the most thoughtful and inclusive ways.  This is not new for us, we have welcomed new students to our schools every year, and this coming year, we will be ready with extra tours, open houses, meet-and-greets, and other events to help students feel comfortable in their new school communities.  Detailed information is forthcoming regarding welcome events for new students and families.



Our transportation department is currently working on the bus and van routes to help minimize time on vehicles and maximize safety and efficiency.  The bus routes will be completed and announced over the summer.  Most runs are inclusive of Kindergarten through 5thgrade and support one school, however, where route length can be kept reasonably short, a bus or van may transport to more than one school. Bus applications will be available by the end of March.



Click HERE to see a map of the new districts.  Please note that the red line is very close but not exact.  Please contact an elementary school office to verify specific addresses.