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SPS email moving to gmail

A reminder that we are transitioning to gmail.  The major move will take place beginning Friday, May 24th.


Staff may NOT have access to email from May 25-May 27th.  Please be advised of a possible delay in returning emails.


ALL email sent to current staff members at will be forwarded to their new account at  Old addresses will still work (for current employees) but new email addresses will be



Over the coming months, Sharon Schools' email addresses will be moving from  to


This move comes as our shift to Google products becomes more comprehensive and our current email system, FirstClass, is on the decline.


Full implementation of the domain will not occur until the spring of 2019, but staff are beginning to make the transition throughout the spring.


The new convention will be No more underscore.  For example:


For more information, please feel free to contact Dr. Marcus, Assistant Superintendent at the address above.