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Statement from School Committee Chair

Read at the beginning of the Feb. 13th meeting.


The agenda for tonight's meeting was noticed on Friday, February 8. The law requires that the discussions are directly related to the agenda items that were publicly noticed on Friday, February 8.


We know that there are many questions and concerns raised regarding one of our former high school teachers and would like to render this statement.


On Monday, we were informed by law enforcement that the teacher was charged last Friday with crimes related to sexual harassment allegations.


Dr. Greer terminated the teacher on Monday. In addition, Dr. Greer also released a public statement regarding this matter. In her statement, she told the school community that she had suspended the teacher in early December 2018 when certain allegations came to light. As Dr. Greer also stated, the School Department has been cooperating from the start with local law enforcement on their investigations. The School Department conducted its own comprehensive investigation along side the criminal investigation and has shared their findings of this with law enforcement.


In deference to law enforcement and the criminal process, and because this is a personnel matter, we -- at this time -- cannot say more.


Please know that the first priority of the Sharon School Department is the protection of our students. Dr. Greer along with our legal counsel will continue to cooperate with law enforcement as well as investigate and review our internal processes and procedures related to this matter.


We trust that under Dr. Greer's leadership, our community will recover from this and continue to cultivate a safe, secure, and responsive school community.


At this point in the process, I hope that you understand that we cannot say more.


Thank you.

Jonathan Hitter, Chair of Sharon School Committee