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Razia's Backpacks of Hope

Razia's Backpacks of Hope

Sharon Middle School and Sharon High School have a years-long relationship with the Zabuli Education Center outside of Kabul, Afghanistan. The Zabuli Education Center provides high-quality education free of charge to girls in an area where girls’ schools did not exist under the Taliban.

As we prepare to return to school, SMS and SHS are championing the “Backpacks of Hope” school supply drive. Our goal is to provide 600 backpacks, full of the necessary school supplies, for each girl at the school.   With the help of Max L. Cowen’s Student Stores we will be able to make sure the students at Zabuli have everything that they need to be successful in their school year. Visit to purchase a backpack for a girl at Zabuli, or to make a donation towards the cost of a backpack. Thank you! 

Backpacks of Hope School Supply Drive – Website Language:

Help us provide the girls at Zabuli Education Center in Afghanistan with the school supplies they need to be successful this year! Join our “Backpacks of Hope” campaign by purchasing a backpack filled with supplies from Max L. Cowen’s Student Stores now at: