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Weekly News January 30

In A-11 this week we ...

* learned four new trick words - say, says, see, number

* continued to work with blends- l,r,s, and digraph blends such as nch, 

* had our phonics assessment on blends 

* played during word work a blend game and an r control bingo game

* had daily board work where we continue to chant our sounds and practice reading and writing 

* read a famous book titled The Little Red Hen - we read many versions and did a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting two books- next week we will read the story in a play version

* worked on our character posters with our partners - ask your child who their partner is and what were some of the same qualities they have

* had a new page in our book note- character study- the students had a character planning sheet where they wrote good/bad traits, appearance, and personalities of their characters- what a great job they did

* had trick word daily where we played Roll, Say, and Keep, I-pads, and had a new activity using sticks of words to make a house or picture frame- so much fun

* had daily writing where we finished up our sticker setting stories and got to choose picture cards to write our own stories

* had daily math lessons how to add in decades by use the counting on strategy, using circle drawings with ten sticks, compared double digits numbers with the greater and less sign, and had our weekly addition and subtraction time tests