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Weekly News January 23

In A-11 this week we ...

* learned four new trick words - could, should, her, over

* learned about blends - s and l blends 

* had daily board work writing blends and continuing to practice - bonus letters, digraphs, suffix s words and glued sounds

* had Make and Break Words this week where I didn't tell them the set amount of letters and they built words using their magnetic letters - so much fun

* we searched during word work for l blends and later in the week for s blends

* played the l blend game and s blend game during our daily word work

* had trick word dailies - played Pig, glued fancy letters, used our I-pads, and played tic-tac-toe

* during work on writing we are using fancy postcards to tell a story or describe the setting 

* during writing we continue to work on our weekend news to develop three interesting details and have started learning to write an informative piece of writing - we've acted out how to sign out a WEB book while I script the details

* had shared reading where I have been reading stories to the class that have main characters that have unique features and we are charting their character traits

* had daily math lessons working with place value - adding decades to a single digit number, making a drawing to show a double digit number, practicing adding doubles plus 1 or 2 when solving teen equations, 

* continue to listen to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory during read aloud time