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East Update, June 20, 2018

East Update, June 20, 2018

It’s hard to believe that we are in the final days of the school year. The year has flown by! The remaining few days of school are a mix of emotions. With the days full, we manage to take some time from the busy schedule to laugh, to share delightful stories and reflect on the year. We pause to think about all that has taken place--the learning, the growth, and the insights. Along with the pleasures in taking stock of all the growth and changes in our students, there is a sense of sadness as the year draws to a close. This has proven to be a very busy year with the East community energetically working together to support and strengthen the school and to enhance the educational program. 

With the winding down, it is also the time to celebrate our wonderful teachers and staff members who work so hard every day to provide for our students. East is an amazing community, one that shows H.E.A.R.T. every day. I am thankful for these amazing individuals who value what is best for students and help make East a special learning environment. As I reflect on this year as interim principal at East. I feel so fortunate, once again, to have been part of the East community. I’ve taken great pleasure this year in sharing in the lives of your children. 

You, our parents, who work so hard on behalf of all of our children, deserve our deepest thanks for making so many things possible. You help in so many ways to make East the special place it is. The time and energy put in by parents who serve on our Council, the PTO, committees, and who volunteer in the school and behind the scenes are immeasurable. My deepest appreciation for all that you do to expand the learning experiences of our children, to enrich our educational program and to support the staff. Thank you.

 A very special thank you to our PTO co-presidents, Stephanie Hadley and Michelle Goldman, who have worked to strengthen the connections between home and school. Your perspectives and input have been central in making decisions that shaped our school. Your positive approach and your collaborative style have been vital in setting the stage for parents and teachers to work together to benefit the East community. Your spirit has had a major impact on our school. Thank you for all the time and energy you have given in helping the teachers and the children and for your commitment and enthusiasm.

 I’m looking forward to the leisurely pace of summer with time to read the stack of books that I’ve accumulated and time to dig my toes in the sand. I hope all of you have the luxury of spending time this summer doing what it is you love to do with and for the people you love.

 There’s lots still happening!

*June 21, Grade 2, Authors’ Celebration, 9:00-9:50AM

*June 22, Step Up Day, Grades K-5 Grade 5 students will go to SMS. Bring a lunch or buy a lunch.

*June 20, Lemon Ice Lunch Treat, sponsored by the East PTO (If you do not want your child to have this food, please let us know in writing. See attached list of ingredients.)Lemon Ice

Parent volunteers at lunch time are still needed. Here is the sign up:

*June 25, Last Day of School, Dismissal at 12:35PM

*June 25, Popsicles on the Playground, sponsored by East PTO, 12:35-1:05 (Weather permitting) Reminder: A parent must accompany all students, and changes in dismissal must be reported by note to the school in the morning. Please do not call the school because it is difficult to deliver messages to students.

 *June 25, “Scoops for Education” to benefit the Sharon Education Foundation. (See attachment.) Scoops for Education

 Progress reports will be given out on June 25th, the last day of school. They will not be given out prior to dismissal. If your child will not be attending school on June 25th and you want to have the report card mailed to you, please send in a #10 or larger self-addressed, stamped envelope. Report cards also will be in the school office during the summer.


Reading over the summer is important to maintaining or improving reading development. To that end, for students entering grades 1 through 5, you will find in the report card envelope information to encourage students to read throughout the summer along with a BINGO Board. The focus is on reading, not on an elaborate project. We hope you’ll enjoy reading together and, most importantly, promote reading as a fun and relaxing activity. If you misplace this information about summer reading, you can always go to the East website for the link to Summer Reading.


For students in grades 1 through 5, the report card envelope also will include information about practicing math facts to gain Fact Power! Tips for practicing math facts and games and websites are included.



For anyone who has Epipens, Inhalers or other medication at the nurse's' office, please make sure to pick up all medication on or before the last day of school. All medication that is not picked up will be discarded. If you cannot come to pick it up, please call the nurse to make arrangements.

 Please check the Lost and Found.

 Mark your Calendars for the 2018-2019 school year.

Wednesday, August 29th                First Day of School 1-5

Wednesday, August 29th                K students visit by appointment

Thursday, August 30th                   First Full Day of School Kindergarten


I will truly miss the wonderful East community.

Have relaxing, fun-filled summer!

Judy Freedberg, Principal

East Elementary School