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East Update, June 15, 2018

East Update, June 15, 2018

This Monday, Rinat Netes, was principal for the day. In this role, he had a chance to consider what he would do if he was the principal of East Elementary School. He had a number of suggestions. He would want to find a way for students to participate in gym if they did not bring their sneakers, so they would not need to sit out. He would like everyone to have lunch before recess because people are hungry. In addition, he would like to have more time for lunch. He would have computer as a special, so everyone would have it every week. At the end of the year, he would have everybody in the whole school meet with each other to have a giant ice cream party!

The grade level teams you can expect to see for the 2018-2019 school year are:

Grade K         Kirsten (Davis) Pajka, Crystal Downs, Meghan Conway, Jennifer Callahan

Grade 1         Beth Henry, Aly (Modest) Steinberg, Kristen Phinney, Jaclyn (Rochleau) Haddigan

Grade 2         Katie Blaquiere, Suzanne Burke, Rachel Diamond, Sue Nardone

Grade 3         Maureen Chaisson, Meaghan Doherty, Jaime Martin, Nicholle Peixinho

Grade 4         Melissa Coughlin, Rebecca Fuller, Deanne Ross, Jennifer Spence

Grade 5         Jacqueline Dowd, Kerri Brule, Julia (Butler) Dorman, Bette Mayer


You may notice quite a few name changes! With the addition of a new kindergarten class, there is one new teacher at East next year, Jennifer Callahan. Also, East will be welcoming the new principal, Dr. Darrin Reynolds.

 From Karen Woods, Sharon Elementary Science Coordinator

Below are the links with resources that were on a slide at my PTO presentation with information about the science curriculum and some resources that you and your children might want to explore about science topics. If you weren't able to attend my June presentation at the PTO meeting, I would love to come back in the fall to present again. - MA Standards

EL Science Glossary

Get Epic Digital Books

DK Find Out On-line Research Tool for Kids

Videos for the Curious Child

 Article with ideas about exploring the outdoors

 Citizen Science Projects

 Please don't hesitate to reach out with further questions:

 From Mr. Brooks and Mr. Monahan, Physical Education Teachers

Take a look at “What’s happening in Physical Education” at this time of the year. Check out the slide show and the newsletter.


There’s lots of happenings in the short time left of this school year!


Special PTO happenings to end the school year:

*June 22: Lemon Ices at Lunch. Sign up to help with this. event.

*June 25: End of School CelebrationFreeze Pops on the Playground at dismissal, 12:35 (There is no Freeze Pop Friday on June 22.) A parent must accompany all students, and changes in dismissal must be reported by note to the school in the morning. Please do not call the school because it is difficult to deliver messages to students.

*June 18, Grade K, Mrs. Conway’s Class End of Year Celebration,9:15AM

*June 19, Grade 5, Student Bubble, 8:15. This is the final session for the year.

*June 19, Grade 4, National Park Museum & Portfolio Share, 8:15-9:15AM

*June 19, Grades 2 and 3, Bubbleology Program, 1:45PM (This program is funded through the East PTO.)

*June 20, Grade 3, Portfolio Share, 8:45-9:30

*June 20, Fifth Grade Farewell, 9:15AM

*June 20, Grade K, Mrs. Downs’ and Mrs. Davis’ Kindergarten Celebrations, 1pm

*June 20, Grade 3 Instrumental Music Demonstration

*June 21, Grade 2, Authors’ Celebration, 9:00-9:50AM

*June 22, Step Up Day, Grades K-5, Grade 5 students will go to SMS. Bring a lunch or plan to purchase one.

*June 25, Last Day of School, Dismissal at 12:35PM


*June 25,  “Scoops for Education” to benefit the Sharon Education Foundation. (See attachment.) Scoops for Education


Enjoy the weekend!

Judy Freedberg, Principal