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East Update, June 8, 2018

East Update, June 8, 2018

The day filled with Cooperative Challenge activities, our Sing Along for grades K-2 and Fifth Grade Talent Show for grades 3-5 was a huge success! Students joined together to run and play outdoors. They were enthusiastic and energetic. While one group was outdoors, another group was either raising their voices in song, singing tunes such as BINGO, This Land Is Our Land, and, of course, our school HEART song or watching fifth graders showcasing their talents-- singing, playing an instrument, performing skits, dancing, telling jokes and more. It was an action packed and fun-filled day!

Thank you to all our volunteers for making Cooperative Challenge Day so successful.

Library Volunteers: Year End

The library is looking for volunteers to assist with shelf reading and shelving books during the last two weeks of school. There are 2 volunteers needed per time slot and these are the available times: Mondays: 9:10-9:50 (6/11, 6/18), Wednesdays: 9:55-10:30 (6/13,6/20), Thursdays: 9:10-9:50 (6/14, 6/21), and Friday: 10:40-11:20 (6/22 only). If interested in any of these time slots, please contact me at Thank you.

 Please check around your house for any school books that need to be returned.

 It is Freeze Pop Friday time!  Please join us on the East playground on Friday, June 15th (weather permitting) from 3:15 to 3:45 for a delicious treat. The PTO generously donates popsicles for a quick get together on Friday afternoons. It is a great community building opportunity and a chance to connect with other families to enjoy the beautiful weather. Please know that a parent must accompany all students, and changes in dismissal must be reported by note to the school in the morning. Please do not call the school because it is difficult to deliver messages to students.


Before School Activities

Tuesdays: Grade 5 Student Bubble, 8:15 AM—No session on June 12. Final session will be on June 19.

Thursdays: Grade 5 Chorus, 8:45AM—Thursday, June 14th is the last grade 5 chorus session.

Fridays: Math Wizards, Session 4, 8:00AM—Last session is June 15.

Other Happenings:  

*June 12, Grade 5 trip to Boston Tea Party Ship and Faneuil Hall

*June 12, Grade 1 Authors’ Breakfast, 9:15-10:00AM

*June 13 and 14, Grade 3, Nutrition Detective Program, 2PM

*June 14, Sharon Public Library Summer Reading Program presentation during lunch periods

*June 15, Grade 5 Day at Camp Everwood

*June 15, Freeze Pop Friday, 3:15-3:45

*June 18, Grade K, Mrs. Conway’s Class End of Year Celebration,9:15AM

*June 19, Grade 4, National Park Museum & Portfolio Share, 8:15-9:15AM

*June 19, Grades 2 and 3, Bubbleology Program, 1:45PM (This program is funded through the East PTO.)

*June 20, Fifth Grade Farewell, 9:15AM

*June 20, Grade K, Mrs. Downs’ and Mrs. Davis’ Kindergarten Celebration, 1pm

*June 20, Grade 3 Instrumental Music Demonstration

*June 21, Grade 2, Authors’ Celebration, 9:00-9:50AM

*June 22, Step Up Day, Grades K-5 (Grade 5 students will go to SMS; Bring a lunch or lunch can be purchased.)

*June 25, Last Day of School, Dismissal at 12:35PM

*June 25, Scoops for Education, (Celebrate the last day of school by supporting “Scoops for Education” to benefit the Sharon Education Foundation. (See attachment.)Scoops for Education


Have a wonderful weekend.

Judy Freedberg, Principal