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SMS Newsletter 4.5.2019

Sharon Middle School

Parent Newsletter



Monday, April 8 - Day 1 ELA MCAS 6th Grade

Tuesday, April 9 - Day 2   ELA MCAS 6th Grade

Wednesday, April 10 - Day 3    Early Release Day at 11:10am

Thursday, April 11 - Day 4   

Friday, April 12 - Day 5


Please note: April recess is April 15-19


Term 3 Grades

Term 3 is complete and the PowerSchool portal is now closed so that teachers may enter in grades. Grades will be available to view on PowerSchool on Friday, April 12.


7th Grade ELA MCAS Completed

7th Graders took their ELA MCAS on Wednesday 4/3 and Thursday 4/4.


Upcoming SMS Spring MCAS Dates

April ELA MCAS dates

6th grade - Monday 4/8 and Tuesday 4/9

8th grade Tuesday 4/23 and Wednesday 4/24

May Math MCAS

8th grade Wednesday 5/8  and Thursday 5/9

7th  grade Monday 5/13 and Tuesday 5/14

6th grade Wednesday 5/15 and Thursday 5/16

8th grade - Science and Technology MCAS Tuesday 5/21


IMPORTANT: MCAS Student Responsibilities April/May 2019

Dear Parent/Guardian:

Students will be asked to read statements about their responsibilities during MCAS testing and to sign an acknowledgement indicating they understand these responsibilities. The statements are attached to this email. We recommend that you discuss them with your child along with the school’s handbook and related policies. Thank you for your involvement in your child’s education.

Important MCAS Information

In preparation for the tests:

  • Students should bring a book to each test session to read in the event they finish a test session early.
  • Students should get to bed early, have a healthy breakfast, and bring a healthy snack to school.
  • We encourage students to leave all electronics at home.  Cell phones not secured in lockers or left at home, must be left with the teacher for the duration of MCAS testing.  NO Smart Watches, NO KINDLES, NOOKS or other ELECTRONIC READERS WILL BE ALLOWED.

During the test:

  • Most students should not need extra time and will be able to finish within the suggested time limits. However, they will be allowed additional time to finish their work beyond the end of the regularly scheduled session if they need it. No session may extend past the end of the regular school day.
  • Only one student may leave the room to use the bathroom at a time.  The teacher must secure the student’s test materials before that student leaves the room.  There is no talking in the hallway, we will monitor that just one student is in the bathroom at a time, and students do not discuss the test in the hallway.
  • They should read questions carefully, be thorough in their responses, and be sure to answer all parts of multipart questions. They should also try their best to answer all the questions on the test.
  • Their test administrators cannot give them any help, or answer any question that relates to the content of the test.

Their test results may be invalidated if they engage in any of the following activities during a test session (including after turning in their test materials, during a break, or during the transition to a test completion area):

  • duplicating any portion of the test
  • accessing prohibited materials such as cell phones or other electronic devices
  • communicating with other students (e.g., talking, whispering, writing notes)
  • looking at any other student’s test
  • consulting notes, books, or instructional materials during testing

Their test results may also be invalidated if they discuss the content of test or their responses to questions with anyone, including teachers, before MCAS testing ends in the school.


8th Grade Washington, D.C. Trip - Roommate Input

Information went home with 8th graders last week so that they can give input about potential roommates for the trip to Washington, D.C. in June. The completed Input Form must be returned to the office by Wednesday, April 24th. For a copy of the form, click here. Please read this form carefully and make sure your students reads it as well.


SHS Spanish Exchange Students Visit SMS

On April 11, students who study Spanish will have the opportunity to meet the Spanish Exchange Students. These students are visiting from Colegio Logos in Madrid and will be staying with host siblings from Sharon High School from April 5-April 17.  Students will be called down to the auditorium at the beginning of period 2, period 3 or advisory. Spanish teachers will share the schedule with students and team teachers. We're looking forward to a great presentation from the Spanish students with a question and answer period at the end.


SHS Chinese Exchange Updates

Follow the SHS Chinese Exchange students in Xi’an


Student Council Presents: End-of-Year Celebrations

Student Council is excited to invite SMS students to enjoy an evening of fun & friends as we draw closer to the end of the school year. This year, we will have a professional DJ from Siagel Productions, video games brought to you by One Up Games, a popcorn machine, photo booth, snacks, and more. Tickets are $5 and will be sold during lunch on Days 3 and 7.  Tickets can also be purchased at the door on the night of the event. Students - please remember to wear school-appropriate clothing to the celebration.

  • The 7th & 8th Grade Celebration will be on Friday, April 26th from 7:00 - 9:00pm.
  • The 6th Grade Celebration will be on Friday, May 10th from 7:00pm - 9:00pm.


Spring Parents Night Off

After a successful event in November, the SMS Student Council is excited to offer another Parents Night Off event. If you have elementary school students from Grades 2-5 (and would like a break while your children have some fun), please consider signing them up. On Friday, May 3rd from 5:30-8:00pm, the SMS Student Council is happy to provide an opportunity for elementary school students to spend time together, experience the middle school, and have fun. We will have pizza and snacks, video games provided by One Up Games, arts & crafts, sports, games, and more! Please email Andrew Marrone with any questions. In order to sign up your child, please use the following link to fill out our Google Form:


SMS Griffin Players - Coming Soon! May 16, 17 & 19

Coming soon: They Walk Among Us — a collection!  Two plays for the price of one, both written and directed by Ms. Sammons and starring our talented SMS actors, They Walk Among Us is sure to be a theatre event you don't want to miss!

  • Interstellar Science Fair: What happens when a group of young aliens are assigned human teenagers to observe for a science project? How will they complete their mission when the subject matter is so bizarre?
  • They Were Roommates: Five unusual friends share an apartment and need a sixth roommate to make rent. After much searching, they finally find a new roommate... only problem is, she's human. So what does that make them? When monsters and mortals mix, wackiness ensues.

May 16th & 17th at 7PM and May 19th at 2PM at the SMS auditorium

Stay tuned for more information!


SMS Book Share Is Now Available

Thank you for your interest in borrowing the Smart But Scattered books.  Due to the amount of interest, we are requesting you pick the books up within 2 days and return them within 2 weeks.  If you aren't able to pick them up, we will have to move on to the next person to ensure everyone has the opportunity to access them.  We appreciate your understanding. Contact Amy Abrams at


SMS Yearbook Deadline - April 26th

The deadline to order a 2019 Yearbook is by the end of the day on Friday, April 26.

Go to or click on the link on the SMS homepage with the Yearbook ID code 11804619.


8B Parent/Guardian Volunteers Needed

Team 8B is still looking for some parent/guardian volunteers to help support our efforts to raise awareness and funds for Journey Forward. Please contact Mrs. Belcher via email at if you are interested in helping. Team 8B is organizing fundraising efforts through bake sales and used book sales.


TEAM 7A PARENT/GUARDIANS: Mass Bird of Prey Fundraiser

Team 7A is collecting the donations students gathered from the sale of their bird feeders.  Please send in check donations made payable to: Mass Bird of Prey. We appreciate your support for this worthy cause.


Youth Running Program - 6th graders

The Youth Running Program is beginning its 6th season on May 19th.  The program is designed to introduce participants to the sport of distance running. Each year, the program has grown - averaging about 70 runners per season. The runners need to be in 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade in order to register and participate. Registration is open to other surrounding towns as well.  For more information or to register, please check the Sharon Recreation Department website, or check our our new website at: