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SMS Newsletter 9.28.2018

Sharon Middle School

Parent Newsletter



Monday, October 1 – Day 4

Tuesday, October 2 – Day 5

Wednesday, October 3 – Day 6  EARLY RELEASE (11:10am)

Thursday, October 4 – Day 7

Friday, October 5 – Day 1



Camp Everwood Trip for 7th graders

On Thursday, Team 7A walked to Camp Everwood for a great day of community-building and fun activities.

7X will be going on Monday 10/1.

7B will be going on Tuesday 10/2. Permission slips were due Friday 9/28.

If your child needs an Epi-pen or other medication, it must be in to Ms. Nathan, our nurse, on the day before the trip.


Afterschool Activities

Many afterschool activities have started or are about to start -  Cross Country, Intramurals, Robotics club, Jazz Band, Mathletes, Yearbook, The Musical (Grease), Choir, Treble Choir.  If your children are participating in any afterschool activities, please discuss with them how they are getting home afterwards. The late bus runs on Mondays and Wednesdays for students who already have bus passes.


SAFETY REMINDER – After school Planning

Please discuss after school plans with your children. Be sure that you know where they are going and that they let you know if the plan changes.


Ms. Clark’s Remarks: The Family Edition

September 2018 is in the books!

It has been a busy month for everyone! We have been working tirelessly to get students fully acclimated to each other, their schedules, expectations for behavior and engagement in all areas of the school community. Things are coming together nicely and everyone is settling in. It has been great getting to know students, and I’m learning many names already. Many more to go, but it is exciting to ride this wave with your children.  


Resources You Can Use

In this section, I will share a resource that will hopefully support your parenting journey through these middle school years. If you have topics, suggestions, or comments to share, please feel free to email me at

This week’s resource is an article titled Seven steps parents can take to ensure kids work for the right kind of popularity.”  Middle school is a season in which children are searching for their identities, who they are and how they fit into the various pockets of their world. Too often, the need to wield high popularity can cause undue stress and more that can sometimes lead to undesired consequences.  This article seeks to provide insight into how families can support their children in seeking the kind of popularity that enriches their experiences and informs their identities in ways that not only validate their concerns but also address the most effective ways to garner positive attention. If you have any concerns about your child in this regard, your child’s grade level guidance counselor is ready to assist.


Driveline Etiquette

For the safety and benefit of all of our students and staff, please ensure that you are pulling forward when dropping off or picking up your child/ren. This will keep the car line moving swiftly and prevent large gaps in the line. Please remember not to drop off children and have them walk across the parking lot when the driveline is active.


Bus Changes

Bus changes will be allowed starting October 1. Bus change requests must be received 24 hours in advance of the requested change. A Bus Change Request Form is available on the SMS website under School Information. No changes can be made on workshop days or Fridays.



Attendance and Tardiness

Call-In Line

If your child is going to be absent OR tardy on any day, call Sharon Middle School before 9:00 a.m. (781-784-1560 x1) to report that information.  Please spell your last name when you leave a message.

Please remember that the first bell for advisory rings at 7:45 a.m. Students should be in advisory at this time. Students reporting at or after 7:45 a.m. must report to the office to receive a tardy slip before reporting to advisory/class. Please review the following Tardiness Policy in the SMS Student Handbook:



After 7:45, students are considered tardy and must report to the office for a pass before going to homeroom or to class. Students should have a note from home explaining their tardiness. The office logs all tardies as excused” or “unexcused.”

All later arrivals are considered “unexcused” unless one of the following occurs:

  • A parent/guardian accompanies the student into the building and checks the student in at the main office;
  • A student arrives with official stationery from the appointment that caused him/her to be late to school on that day;
  • The administration has previously determined and has on record that extenuating circumstances exist that warranted special allowances (i.e. medically documented illnesses).

In these cases, the late arrival is considered “excused” and the student will be permitted to make up any missed assignment and/or assessment. Phone calls and/or retroactive notes will not be accepted as legitimate explanations for late arrivals.

Students who accrue a series of “unexcused tardies” in an academic quarter will have the following consequences at the discretion of the Principal or Assistant Principal:

Unexcused Tardiness


3 times tardy in a quarter

Verbal warning to student and letter to parent

5 times tardy in a quarter

Lunch detention that day and each day tardy after that for the quarter

8 times tardy in a quarter

Mandatory parent meeting and student will be restricted from after school activities for the duration of the quarter.

12 times tardy cumulative for all quarters by May 1st

May become ineligible for class trips, including by not limited to Thompson Island and Washington DC.

*The number of tardies are re-set at the end of each quarter, EXCEPT for the cumulative tardies that can be counted for the year noted in the final row above.

Thank You! Enjoy your weekend!


SMS Cross Country

Congratulations to the SMS Cross Country teams. Both girls and boys teams started off the season with big wins over Milford. Great effort by all runners – there were many strong performances and fast finishes. The next meet is on Monday, October 1 at Freidman Middle School in Taunton.



The SMS PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of children at SMS by fostering relationships among the school, parents, and teachers. Our goal is to make this the best year ever. We hope you will remain mentally, physically, and charitably checked in with our events throughout the 2018-19 school year. I invite you to attend the PTO meeting held monthly and volunteer to staff and contribute to PTO events.

David Bates, SMS PTO Chair 2018-19, c: 617-413-6345 e:

PTO Sponsorship Form

PTO Paypal link


SMS PTO Parent Night - The Effects of Media

The SMS PTO has funded K.E.Y. education programs that focus on topics related to the social and emotional well-being of students and are primarily concerned with technology, social media awareness, anti-bullying tactics, and suicide prevention. Our next Parent Night is coming up:




The Effects of Media on Health & Human Development


7:00 – 9:00PM in SMS AUDITORIUM

Our team of tech professionals will also be on site to review

school-based technology (PowerSchool and Schoology).



SMS Fall Soccer Tournament   

Kids - do you love to play soccer? Want to compete against your peers to become your grade’s soccer champion? Then sign up for the annual Student Council Soccer Tournament. Form a team of 2 boys and 2 girls from your grade, grab a sign-up sheet in the main office, and then hand in your forms and money as a team to the Student Council lunch table on days 3 and 7. The tournament will be held on Monday, October 15th and Wednesday, October 17th from 2:30 to 3:45, and late buses can be taken. We hope to see you there!


GREASE the Musical

Auditions for the SMS spring musical Grease will be after school on Thursday, October 11, in the auditorium.  Students should sign up for an audition slot and take an audition packet outside room 222.  Parents and students should read over the information letter and schedule carefully to understand the time commitment involved.  There are Youtube links to help practice the audition song on the Musical page on the SMS website. Please contact Mr. Szczepanski with questions.

Because of the large number of students signed up to audition for Grease, Mr. S. will also be teaching the audition dance on Tuesday, October 9, from 2:15 until about 3 for anyone who would like to learn it then.  He will still teach it on Thursday, October 11, at auditions as well.  Students will need a ride home.



Join FAME (Friends of Art and Music Education) and help support art, music and theatre education in our schools:  For more info:



REMINDER: Ms. Nathan needs all medications, inhalers, and Epi-pens with new orders for this school year. Please bring these to the school as soon as possible. Attached are the Asthma Action Plan Form (Inhalers) and the Emergency Action Plan for Life Threatening Allergies (Epi-pen).

Reminder to send back your Authorized Informed Consent Form (attached) for Over-the-Counter Medications (Ibuprofen & Acetaminophen) and opting out of screenings.

All 7th graders are required to submit a copy of their current physical and updated vaccinations to Ms. Nathan as soon as possible.

To reach Ms. Nathan: 781-784-1560 x6005

781-793-5139 (Dedicated Fax)


IMPORTANT - Contact Info

Parents/guardians: please update your contact information in Powerschool with the best phone numbers to reach you during the day. If you have questions about accessing Powerschool, email