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SMS Bulletin 4.13.2018


Weekly Bulletin

April 13th, 2018


**Please note that Sharon Middle School will be closed from April 16th – April 20th for Spring Break**


Monday, April 23rd – Day 2

Tuesday, April 24th – Day 3

Wednesday, April 25th – Day 4

Thursday, April 26th – Day 5

Friday, April 16th – Day 6



Quarter 3 Term End

Quarter three grades and teacher comments are now available on the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

Please be sure to log in and check the  parent portal.

We will send home paper report cards on Friday  4/13.

Sign off forms are Due back Friday 4/27



7th & 8th Grade Celebration!

On Friday, May 4th from 7:00 - 9:00pm, Student Council is excited to invite 7th & 8th grade students to enjoy an evening of fun & friends as we draw closer to the end of the school year. We will have a professional DJ, snacks, ping-pong, and video games brought to you by One Up Games!

Tickets are $5 and will be sold during lunch on Tuesday, April 24th, Monday, April 30th and Thursday, May 3rd. Tickets can also be purchased at the door on the night of the event.

Also, please remember that school dress code applies to the dance.

Hope to see you there!


Grade 8 Trip to Washington DC - Important Forms

Washington DC Forms

Parents: please see the attached Health/Consent/Roommate forms for the 2018 trip to DC. If your child is going on the trip, please fill out the forms and have your child return them to the office by April 25, 2018.


Thompson Island – Important Medication Forms

7A Forms

7B Forms

7X Forms

Please see the attached forms from our nurse


MCAS  ELA Testing Schedule 

8th Grade ELA MCAS Tests have been moved to Tuesday 4/24 and Wednesday 4/25


Important MCAS Information

In preparation for the test:

  • Students should bring a book to each test session to read in the event they finish a test session early.
  • Students should get to bed early, have a healthy breakfast, and bring a healthy snack to school.
  • We encourage students to leave all electronics at home. Cell phones not secured in lockers or left at home, must be left with the teacher for the duration of MCAS testing.  NO KINDLES, NOOKS or other ELECTRONIC READERS WIL BE ALLOWED

During the test:

  • Most students should not need extra time and will be able to finish within the suggested time limits. However, they will be allowed additional time to finish their work beyond the end of the regularly scheduled session if they need it. No session may extend past the end of the regular school day.
  • Only one student may leave the room to use the bathroom at a time. The teacher must secure the student’s test materials before that student leaves the room.  There is no talking in the hallway, we will monitor that just one student is in the bathroom at a time, and students do not discuss the test in the hallway.
  • They should read questions carefully, be thorough in their responses, and be sure to answer all parts of multipart questions. They should also try their best to answer all the questions on the test.
  • Their test administrators cannot give them any help, or answer any question that relates to the content of the test.
  • Their test results may be invalidated if they engage in any of the following activities during a test session (including after turning in their test materials, during a break, or during the transition to a test completion area):
  • duplicating any portion of the test
  • accessing prohibited materials such as cell phones or other electronic devices
  • communicating with other students (e.g., talking, whispering, writing notes)
  • looking at any other student’s test
  • consulting notes, books, or instructional materials during testing
  • Their test results may also be invalidated if they discuss the content of test or their responses to questions with anyone, including teachers, before MCAS testing ends in the school.

SMS Yearbook

THERE ARE ONLY 2 WEEKS LEFT TO ORDER A YEARBOOK!  The deadline is Friday, April 27.

Some students have received a notice that they did not order a yearbook in error.  If you have a receipt, you are all set.  If you have a question, please see Mr. Sszczepanski in room 222, message me on Schoology, or have your parents email me at with your name, and I can check.

The Sharon Middle School Yearbook is now on sale!  Go to or click on the link on the SMS homepage with the yearbook ID code 11804618 to order your 2018 Yearbook!


Orchestra Important Dates

Tuesday, May 22nd – SMS Special Showcase/Spring Concert – 6:00PM


End of Year Music Assemblies:

Jazz Band, Treble Choir, Xcalibur, and Acapella

Tuesday, May 29th – Grade 8 and Teams 6A and 6B

Thursday, May 31st – Grade 7 and Teams 6C and 6D


2018 PTO Meeting Dates:

Tuesday, May 8th