• 6th grade:

    Dig It1  

    Dig It!

    In the past, 6th-grade students at SMS participated in a Brown University program that gave them the opportunity to experience an archaeological dig.  After seeing the project in action for several years, the 6th-grade social studies team decided to create their own archaeological dig project to complement their Ancient History curriculum.  The 6th-grade team and student volunteers spent the summer making clay artifacts and buried them in eight, 4 X 12 raised beds.  They then sectioned those beds into 2X2 squares.  Student teams went outside last month to do what archaeologists do:  slowly and methodically dig and sift to find the hidden artifacts.  This project gives all of our sixth-grade students a memorable experiential learning opportunity.  Students who participated in the activity found it exciting and fun, just what learning should be!  We hope to continue and expand upon this activity next year to make it more interdisciplinary in nature.

  • 7th grade: 


  • 8th grade: 

    The outsiders

    On Tuesday, October 10th, The National Theatre for Education and the Arts performed  Christopher Sergel’s adaptation of S.E. Hintion’s The Outsiders (read in ELA)
    for our 8thgrade students.

    Visit https://nationaltheaterea.org/the-outsiders/ for more information,


    Uprising on King St

    Theatre Espresso performance of the Uprising on King St. about the Boston Massacre (social studies curriculum)

    "Explores the circumstances that led to this tragedy and recreates the trial of Captain Preston. In role as jurors, students explore the events of the Boston Massacre through the eyes of ordinary men and women who were both shaped by and instrumental in shaping history. - Theatre Espresso Website