•  Ponding at Borderland State Park

     We had a great day at Borderland State Park!

Specials Schedule

  • Room One Specials

    Monday - Phys. Ed. 

    Tuesday-  Chorus before school / Phys. Ed. 

    Wednesday - Art

    Thursday - General Music / Instrumental Music

    Friday - Art

    Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday - Espanol


  • Please follow me on Twitter

    Posted by Heather Houle on 7/28/2018


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  • Homework

    Posted by Heather Houle on 5/21/2018

    We have completed our math books and Daily Geography for the year! I'm not a fan of assigning homework just to keep kids busy, so I will only be assigning homework when assignments are not completed in class or we need extra practice with something specific. Students are expected to READ every night. We also have a west states and capitals test on Tuesday, May 29th. Kids should investigate an interest, schedule a play date or try something new! Enjoy the spring! 

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  • Link to Responsive Classroom Facebook Resources

    Posted by Heather Houle on 2/15/2018

    This is a good article with some ideas for supporting kids through some of the recent news. 


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  • Teacher/Student Report Card Meetings

    Posted by Heather Houle on 1/31/2018

    Dear Room One Community, 

    It has been my practice to give the first report card directly to the students and let them view it at school. Then I meet privately with each student on Friday afternoon to discuss their progress and set goals for the next term. They have an opportunity to ask me any questions at that time. It has been a very positive experience for the kids in he past. 

    Please let me know by email or a note if you DO NOT want me to give your child their report card in this way and you would prefer to reveiw it with them at home. I am happy to respect your wishes. 


    Best Regards, 


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  • Math- Unit 5

    Posted by Heather Houle on 1/22/2018 9:00:00 AM

    Dear Room One Families, 

    This week we will be starting Unit 5 in math. It deals with weight, time and distance measuring. The very best way for children to master these concepts is to observe them in life. How far is it from my house to school? How many cus ina  gallon? How many minutes until bedtime? If you could, please take any opportunities that may arise to discuss measurement and gain some points of reference on how much a pound is, how far a mile is... 



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  • Happy New Year!!!

    Posted by Heather Houle on 1/3/2018 11:10:00 AM

    Dearest Room One Families, 

          Thank you for making my holiday so special. Your generous classroom gift is so appreciated. The personal gifts are so thoughtful and useful. The notes and cards made me so happy. I am really enjoying spending time with your kids this year. They bring me joy every single day! 

           Just in case I cannot enjoy the company of your wonderful children tomorrow.... (wink, wink) I have suggested that they find a time to log onto Prodigy with a few freinds and spend some time battling (or doing math problems, it's all in how it gets sold!) I will also put up a post in Google Classroom to which they may respond. Of course, none of this is mandatory, but it may help with any boredom that could occur! There will be homework assigned tonight and we have a Southern States and Capitals test coming up on January 19th. 

            Again, thank you for your support and trust. I look forward to spending the first half of 2018 with these hard workiing, kind, fun youngsters! 

                                                       ~Heather Houle

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  • States and Capitals Test

    Posted by Heather Houle on 11/30/2017

    On December 13th we will have our first states and capitals test. It will be on the Northeast Region, the six New England states and the Mid Atlantic states. The children must also be able to locate Canada, the Atlantic Ocean, Washigton DC and the Applachain Mountain chain. We created maps in school. The children will be provided with blank map and must fill in the states and capitals, spelled correctly and capitalized for the test. This is a chance for the kids to really see how effective effort pays off! 

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  • Conferences

    Posted by Heather Houle on 11/6/2017

    Hello all! Parent teacher conferences are this week and next week. A reminder was sent home with your conference time last week. If you want to sign up for a conference, please e mail me or send me a note. 

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  • No assigned homework Thursday nights.

    Posted by Heather Houle on 11/2/2017


    I asked the kids to place a tally mark for every structured activity are involed in on weekdays. They sure are BUSY! We have agreed that there will be no assigned homework on Thursday nights. They will practice diligently in class. Of course they are still expected to read and be sure Daily Geography is ready for Friday. It is my great hope that kids will spend time playing, creating, relaxing or helping at home. 

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  • Where did October go?

    Posted by Heather Houle on 10/26/2017

    Oh my goodness, it's almost Halloween! We had a long discussion about wearing costumes to school. The class can wear costumes that are appropriate for our youngest cougar friends to see and will allow them to go about their school day. No masks or anything that covers their perfect faces are allowed, make up is fine. 

    We are SPEEDING along in math. The class is working hard and experiencing great success with multiplication algorithms. 

    We are into our landforms and geology unit investigating the layers of the Earth and how the land is shaped as well as what landforms are and how some are made. Log onto your child's Google drive account to see their landform project. They merged video with green screen to bring their research to life. 

    Parent/ teacher conferences are coming up. I am really looking forward to telling you all about the progress your child is making and work together to set goals for the next few months. Please reach out to me if you want to chat before then! 

    Is anyone reading this? How do you like the new web site format? Is there any way that I can improve it so that it is more usable for parents? Please let me know. 

    Best Regards, 

    Heather Houle

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