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    As of 2020, Sharon Public Schools serves approximately 140 English Learners (ELs) from over 40 different native languages.

    Our goal is to assist English Learners in growing their linguistic abilities to be able to thrive in American English-based schools, colleges and careers. Using WIDA guidelines and within a Sheltered English Immersion model, we strive to develop each student's academic English language to meet the Massachusetts English Language Proficiency Standards. Both academic and social aspects of language in the school setting are addressed in our small-group programs, with the goal of seeing every child progress in their abilities each day.

    As Sharon continues to diversify, our team has grown both in number and in a conintually more refined organizational and methodological structure.  EL teachers work with students from PK through 12th grade, help secure translation services for families, and offer professional development to district educators on ensuring instruction meets the needs of a variety of learners.


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  • For more information, please contact Dr. Angela Burke, Director of Curriculum & Instruction.