•  Application Process/Availability

    Each year a date is set aside for prospective families to visit our program. We call this Preschool Preview. It is typically held in mid-November for families interested in enrolling their child the following September. (Peer models must be three years of age by August 31 to begin school in September.) Reservations for Preschool Preview are required, so families who are interested in attending Preschool Preview are encouraged to call The Children's Center to inquire if space is available to visit on that date. This year's Preschool Preview was held on Thursday November 15th.

    Families who are unable to attend Preschool Preview may contact Amy Steinberg, Director of Early Childhood, to request a meeting and tour of our program. Applications are given to families who attend Preschool Preview or who meet with the Early Childhood Director.

    Students and siblings of our current and alumni families are given the opportunity to reenroll for the following year, and any remaining peer model openings are filled by lottery drawing. To enter the lottery, the application and a $300 nonrefundable deposit check must be submitted by a pre-determined date (Monday, December 3 for 2018).  A wait list will be created once all available openings are filled. The wait list does not carry over to the following school year. The lottery for the 2019/2020 school year was held on December 5, 2018. There is still limited availability in our program for the 2019/2020 school year. Interested families may call the Early Childhood Director to request a meeting and tour or for more information.

    Following the lottery drawing, parents are notified by mail as to whether their child's name is drawn to fill an open slot. Once all available openings are filled, we continue to draw names to establish the order of a wait list. The $300 deposit is returned by mail to the families who are on the wait list.

     For additional information, please call Amy Steinberg, Director of Early Childhood, at (781) 784-1594. 

    “Integrated” means our program is designed for both children with special needs and typical children from the Sharon community.  The program provides each child with hands-on developmentally appropriate activities and learning experiences consistent with his/her individual needs, interests, and abilities.