• Medications

    Medication: Students who need to take any kind of medication in school should report to the health office and pick up a medication form to be completed by your parent and doctor. All medications must be brought in a pharmacy labeled container and delivered to the health office before classes begin. NO LOOSE PILLS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

    All students entering the health office need a pass from your teacher. Emergencies are the exception.

    Notice to all parents of grade 6 students:

    Prior to entering Grade 7, documentation of the following immunizations must be provided to the Health Office:
            3 Doses of Hepatitis B Vaccine
            1 TD Booster, if it has been 5 or more years since the last dose
            2 Doses of Measles Vaccine
            1 Dose of Varicella Vaccine or physician-certified reliable history of chicken pox disease
    Please review this information with your physician and provide this documentation as soon as possible.  Because this information is so important, please bring it to school yourself or mail it to Joan Kelly in the Health Office.  Once again, the Health Office requires documentation of the above noted immunizations before your child may enter Grade 7.