• A staple at Cottage is our sense of community.  I would like to use this site as a way for students and families to stay connected.  First, I will be providing read alouds for kids to watch.  This will hopefully provide them with someone else reading a book to them.  Children can click on the link for each book.  Second, I would like to post pictures of any lego projects, paintings, structures, etc. that kids have created while at home.  I am sure others would love to see what their friends are creating.  Parents can email me a picture of what has been created and I will post it below.  My email is kmadden@sharonschools.net.  

    Below are links to resources for keeping learning alive during the closure.  These optional websites are available to students to access age appropriate online learning while maintaining Social Distancing. 

    Per the guidance of the Department of Education, these resources are not intended as continued instruction.  Our goal is to ensure students stay engaged in learning and can practice and maintain current skills during their time away from school.  There are no plans to collect or grade this work. Over the coming weeks, the District will continue to provide updates and additional learning opportunities. Please watch for communication from the School Administration and updates to this page.


    Please contact your child's classroom teacher for questions regarding the remote learning plans as each teacher may have class specific information in their plans.  

    Additional Resources



    Cottage Misses You All

    Cottage Staff Rendition of our school song

    Google Classroom Support

    Joining a Class

    Google Classroom Cheat Sheet

    Submitting Work


  • Wow!!! Check out what kids have been making while at home.  Parents can send pictures of creations to kmadden@sharonschools.net. 


     Emma      Highlights of Life    Guess Who   ryan

    -   Emma                                        - Gwen                     - a good ole board game!                   -Ryan

    eden   zach    Roxie      roxie and zach

    - Eden                        -  coloring!                     - Science experiment                      - what a cool experiment!  


    samantha         sein        sein 2     translucent

    - Robots are so cool!       -  Sein                                 - Sein Again                                           -translucent


    opaque   talia    alex    somuchart

    -Opaque                          - Talia                                   - Alex                                       - So much art

    family story time    reading   chill    art

    -Family story time             -Cozy reading                  -Chill                           -Art

     avasbook    doodle time   doodle time 2   alex2

       - Ava's Book                   - Doodle Time                    -More doodling!                  -Alex

     arora writing     home cooking    tavares  outside art   knitting

    - Creative writing          -Home cooking                  - Amazing                         -Outside art                   - Knitting


    scene   baking   yes  ashlyn   viv

    - What a scene!          - Delicious!              -YES!!!                    -Ashlyn's Art                  - Vivienne's Art


    -So Much Art