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District Plan | Sharon Public Schools


We strive to provide an educational community that nurtures each student on their unique journey to be lifelong learners and caring and engaged citizens of our world.


All students will apply their skills and knowledge to inspire our global society. We want to develop an educational foundation that fosters academics, model citizenship, and cultural diversity, in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Core Values

Acceptance. Equity. Honesty. Integrity. Respect. Kindness. Teamwork.

Theory of Action

If we consistently practice our core values in the classroom and community at large, then each student will grow to be a life-long learner and caring, engaged citizen.

Strategic Objectives of the District Plan

Social/Emotional. It all begins from within.

Promote student success by ensuring a healthy school environment to support the social and emotional well-being and the mental health of each learner.

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Relationships/Culture. The fabric of our district.

Foster an equitable and inclusive learning community that ensures respectful and culturally competent relationships.

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Learning Environments. A safe and curious place to grow.

Provide safe, secure, accessible environments conducive for learning and adaptive to changing teaching practices that meet the needs of each learner.

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Learning Environments

Curriculum/Professional Development. There's always room to grow.

Implement a consistent curriculum with responsive instructional practices that meet the needs of each learner.

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Curriculum/Professional Development