• March 2019

    Winter 2019


    Posted by Diane Gray on 3/4/2019

    The kids will be designing their own leprechaun trap on Friday, March 15th.  I would love any and all recycled materials that you can donate from home.  Especially shoeboxes!  If you could kindly send in anything you can, I will keep them safe until the project day.  Thank you for all your support!

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  • Parent/Teacher Conference Email

    Posted by Diane Gray on 3/4/2019

    The SignUp Genius email has gone out and you can now sign up for your parent/teacher conference with me.  Please email me with any questions or concerns.  Enjoy your snow day and stay safe!

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  • Social-Emotional Learning

    Posted by Diane Gray on 2/28/2019

    Mrs. Muldowney came in and read the book Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon.  Then the kids wrote a special valentine to themselves about the wonderful qualities they each have.  Today, Mrs. Muldowney read Scaredy Squirrel and we discussed the difference between scared and anxious.  We then talked about what it's like to leap into the unknown and what some feelings might be that we could have.  

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  • Life Science

    Posted by Diane Gray on 2/28/2019

    In science, we began talking about what makes things living and non-living.  We began by reading a book called Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse by Leo Lionni.  The story talks about the friendship between a wind-up mouse and a real mouse.  We then talked about some of the characteristics of living and non-living things.  They had a lot of great questions and comments.  Ask your kids about what can make something living!  

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  • Technology - Typing

    Posted by Diane Gray on 2/10/2019

    The kids have started practicing their typing skills in the computer lab.  We began to type up our first opinion paper after reading the book, Hey, Little Ant.  The kids wrote a rough draft and were able to state their opinion on if the boy should squish the ant or not.  They then backed up their opinion with 3 reasons and have a closing sentence at the end.  The final draft was then typed up and will be completed shortly.  

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  • Math Unit 5

    Posted by Diane Gray on 2/10/2019

    The kids have started working on addition and subtraction in the teens!  This week they worked hard and challenged themelves by creating not only their own teen equation, but followed it up with a story, and strategy to match!  Wow, was I impressed.  They really had some great math stories and very proudly, and respectively, shared them with their peers.  Keep it up guys!

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  • Reader's and Writer's Workshop: Fairy Tales

    Posted by Diane Gray on 2/10/2019

    For over a week the kids have been working on what the elements of a fairy tale are.  We have read some magical fairy tales, including Cinderella and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  Be sure to ask your child about what the important elements are!  


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  • 100th Day of School!

    Posted by Diane Gray on 2/10/2019

    The kids had a great 100th day!  We started off the day by looking at all the great 100 collections that the kids brought in and talked about how we could group them.  In writer's workshop, we wrote about what we would do if we had 100 dollars!  Then the kids used our class microphone and stood up and read their story aloud and showed their work on the projector.  The kids then made a 100th day gumball machine, found out how many things they could do in 100 seconds, and wrote 100 compliments to each other with the entire first grade!  Check out some of our pictures from the day below!

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  • Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon on Sunday, 1/20/19

    Posted by Diane Gray on 1/19/2019

    Check out the helpful links page for more information on this really exciting eclipse.  

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  • Warm and Fuzzy Celebration #3

    Posted by Diane Gray on 1/19/2019

    On Friday, the children celebrated by voting and having some fun extra iPad time.  Some kids were coding, while others played math games, or read books on RAZ Kids.

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