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Library Blog

  • Amulet series, book 8

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 11/2/2018

    It's here! The newest title (Supernova) in the ever popular Amulet series by Kazu Kibuishi.

    Amulet, book 8

    While Emily is imprisoned in the Void plotting an escape, her brother, Navin, is on the space station Lighthouse One where the Resistance is preparing to battle Shadow forces who want to drain the planet Alledia of all its resources. (catalog summary)

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  • Massachusetts STEM Week

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 10/24/2018

    Testing out a Lego catapult. There's still room for improvement, but we were happy with the results!Lego catapult

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  • The many lives of books

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 10/12/2018

    Some like to read books. Some like to create with books. Can you find ALL of the books in the photos below?


    and more

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  • Fun facts from the Library

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 6/8/2018

    Year in review 2017-18

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  • Skype visit with author, Rachel Vail

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 5/2/2018

    Rachel Vail Skype visit

    Ms. Moore's 7A students enjoy a fun and informative visit with author Rachel Vail. She's written a number of titles we have in our library. Be sure to check them out. Unfriended and Well, That Was Awkward are recent titles that have been circulating with SMS students. Not only did she offer tips to help us develop as writers, but she also shared tips to help us develop our spying techniques. Shhh, don't tell. 

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  • Need help finding a book?

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 4/3/2018

    New books robot

    We can help anyone find a book to read. Don't forget to browse the new arrivals.

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  • Preparing for February break

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 2/16/2018

    Vacation reads

    I should be prepared for any flight delays! My Kindle is also loaded and ready to go. May your break be filled with books and fun. With the exception of the two books on top, the others have been published in 2017 and have made many "best of" lists.

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  • Environmental Explorations

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 1/24/2018

    Ms. Engel's Environmental Exploration students are researching AND inventing ways to reduce plastic waste.

    Environmental Exploration Invention

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  • New Magazine Subscriptions

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 12/6/2017

    We are receiving two new magazine subscriptions in the library. Click on the images below to learn more. Are there other magazines you'd like to see in the library? Let us know.

    beanz magazine


    New Moon Girls

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  • Blinded by the light!

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 11/28/2017

    6th graders are "blinded by the light" in today's MakerSpace. After trial and error, and some adjustment, the number continues to increase to produce an even brighter light.Blinded by the light

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