• Week of June 14th, 2020

    Hello, Artists and Families!

    I cannot believe we are already at the last week of school. What a year it has been! We started the year with a wonderful community building project, learned about new artists, materials, and techniques with individual projects, and built a creative remote learning community. Wow! I will see Cottage fifth Graders at belonging pick up Wednesday and anyone doing the End of Year parade on Thursday.

    I organized all 550 some odd portfolios and delivered them to desks and lockers. Your classrooom teachers kindly placed them in your personal items bag for you and your families to pick up this week. Given all the ever-changing school situations, I decided to prioritize getting art from the on site school year back to you rather than wait for our return.

    Keep an eye out for emails with end of year project information and surveys. I really value students' opinions on projects and they help me to determine what to carry or plan for into future years. Typically I find that one person's favorite is some one else's least favorite and so on. I don't expect every project or unit of study to grab every child, but I hope to find something for everyone over the course of the year and it helps to know if there is something missing from the curriculum that I can address. 

    I am also curious to know what worked best for families to participate in Visual Arts during remote learning, knowing that it is different for everyone. Being a special content area teacher as well as a parent of a third and fifth grader in a different district, I'd love to bring together that information to meet the needs of as many families as possible! No situation will be perfect for everyone, but we can keep getting better!

    All Grades this week are being introduced to several different Environmental Artists and encouraged to get outside to create Sculptures in Nature with Nature. Hopefully this will carry right on through the summer for all of you! I can't wait to see what people come up with and you are more than welcome to do this as a family project (especially if you have siblings in school with you).

    Gallery Pages will contintue to be updated throughout this week and next with submissions for this week's assignment as well as Superheros, Selfies, Autralian Bottle Trees, Symmetrical Butterflies, a special first grade class's Honeybee project, and more recipes. Please be aware that so many artists are sharing their work on SeeSaw, I will cannot include them all. Click on the Gallery pages that interest you the most!

    I welcome any and all Illustrated Recipes to help raise money for Hungry Families by creating recipe art. Each submission to me will raise $6.00. I cannot count any work that shared without an illustration. Students (any and all) can submit as many as they'd like until the last of school! We've raised over $900 so far. I will submit our involvement to Students Rebuild at the close of school and share here next week to learn our contribution. Let's see how much art can have impact!


    Stay Creative!

    ~Mrs. Biddle

     P.S. I have removed older projects from Google Classroom, this website, and SeeSaw already to help focus and prioritze as we close out the year.

    -I will remove the Selfie project when I am done downloading each group of submissions I have. In other words, if you see the assingment on the classwork page, you can still upload your work. I know I will not do so before Monday evening.

    -Same for the Illustrated Recipes here and for G.C. 3-5,  but that will be the last day of school. If you miss that you can still submit a recipe for kindness as an individual through the Students Rebuild website.



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    Try making kindness cards like these for yourself or as a thank you to others. These are watercolor with sharpie writing