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    Welcome to Art with Mrs. Biddle 

    Try making kindness cards like these for yourself or as a thank you to others. These are watercolor with sharpie writing




  • Hi, Artists!

    I've missed seeing your eyes and smiles this past week. I hope many of you have been using some of your extra time at home to be creative. At my house that meant lots of legos and magnatiles as well as cookie decorating, cooking, and coloring and drawing.

    My art teacher friends and I have been working hard to find the best ways to share ideas, inspiration, and connect with you. It is still a work in progress, so we will learn together as we go. For this week, I am including a few new ideas on this webpage and will have Mr. Madden and Mrs. Burke and Ms. Blackmun send out the news that the site has new information. 

    -The helpful links page connects you to a series of museums that offer virtual tours. Many work best with the google arts and culture app. More on that to come. Check out what gets your interest the most and try sketching a little.

    -The resources page has some sketchbook ideas to start a project of your own as well as some how to draw pages.


    *a drawing guide is not the only way to do something and your art does not need to look like the picture. They are simply helpful tools to figure out how to break things down into simpler shapes and lines.

    *Don't worry about having the exact tool or supply you might see suggested. Artists are creative and resourceful It is often where we get our best ideas. 

    *Give your best effort and try to use some of the tricks we've practiced in class this year to make our ideas and projects easier and clear:

    -outlining shapes before coloring in

    -change the angle you are holding your tools to get different effects

    -two thumbs up for cutting: turn the paper with your helper hand and keep the scissor working mostly straight with your working hand

    -no scissors? You can slowly pinch and pull at paper with both hands to control the direction of the tear

    -keep scraps in neat pile if you are cutting and gluing to make a collage: try organizing warm, cool, and neutral (neutral are browns, black, grays and white)

    -clean up after yourself:-it is the WORK in a work of art!

    -if you paint, use two hands to wash your brush: one to hold, the other to work bristles clean. Shape the brush when your hands &  brush are clean(fix its hair-do!)

    More to come. 

    In the meantime, drink lots of water, get fresh air, and stay creative!!

    Mrs. B