Welcome to Heights Physical Education!

  • Welcome to Heights Physical Education!

    Welcome to the Height's Elementary School Physical Education page! We are so excited for a fun, safe, and exciting school year down in the gymnasium. We are going to be having students participating in many fun activities, games, and sports- so it is important for students to come prepared on their P.E. days! We encourage students to come prepared to play in sneakers that cover their heels and toes and to wear comfortable clothing that they can safetly move around in! 

Meet our Physical Education Teachers!

  • Mr. Vigorito and Miss Emby work very hard to create dynamic lessons that are interactive, fun, and developmentally appropriate for every student that walks into our gymnasium here at Heights. We strive to create an environment that celebrates all skill levels and experience in the hopes of inspiring our students to live active and healthy lifestyles for the rest of the lives. You never know what we might have up our sleeves and planned for our students- like possibly dressing up as a cow and farmer! Our goal and objective is to make our students smile- so make sure to come on down to the gym to see our students having fun while learning how to make fitness fun! 

    Mr. Vigorito and Miss Emby