Welcome to Room 103

Welcome to Room 103


    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Gym

    Wednesday: Gym

    Thursday: Art

    Friday: Library

  • Reminders

    • Now that we have had our first snowy day, don't forget to pack shoes for your child to change into once they get to school.
    • Have your child bring a water bottle with a cap that does not leak.
    • Children need to always have a book in their backpack.
    • Transportation changes must be in writing.
    • Bring in your WEB books!
    • Remember, work must be made up for unexcused absences like family vacations that occur during the school year.


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  • Fundations: We added -an and -am to our glued sounds. Then we moved onto basewords and suffix -s. We learned some of these words make a noun plural (dogs, pens, ships, etc). Others are action words that mean in the present (shuts, runs, locks, etc.)

    Writing: Following our small moments unit, we will begin our nonfiction writing unit. In kindergarten, students learned to write "How to" books. We will build on that base to create original "All About Books".

    Reading: Last week, we switched most of the books in our book boxes from fiction to nonfiction in preparation to study how to read nonfiction. 

    Math: We completed Unit 3 which dealt with story problems with unknown totals and unknown partners. This was a challenging topic and students worked very hard. We will continue to work on these as we also begin Unit 4. In unit 4, students will:

    • represent 2-digit numbers using concrete objects, place value cards and/or drawings
    • compare 2-digit numbers using place value cards and drawings
    • model 2-digit addition using concrete models or drawings and strategies based on place value, properties of operations, and/or the relationship bewtween addition and subtraction.

    Last week, we performed another 3 act task. Our first was called Humpty Dumpty (https://gfletchy.wordpress.com/humpty-dumpty/). Our newest challenge was The Cookie Monster (https://gfletchy.com/the-cookie-monster/). You can check out the video here. Students figured out the information we would need in order to figure out how many cookies the Cookie Monster ate. It was interesting to see the variety of ways students went about trying to figure out how many cookies there were before the Cookie Monster opened the package.

    Science: To complete our study of sounds, the students created their own musical instrument. First they came up with their own design. Then using recyclable materials, they went about trying to create their instrument, keeping in mind that a vibration needed to be created in order for us to hear a sound. Now we are talking about light waves.

    Scholastic Book Club: I will send home information about ordering books from the Scholastic Book Club. I will put the order in next weekend so if you are giving any of the books for the holidays, they will be here on time.

    Housekeeping Note: At the end of this week, I will have the students take their extra clothes in their lockers home and exchange them for extra clothes, appropriate for the season.