Welcome to Room 103

Welcome to Room 103
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    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Gym

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    Thursday: Art

    Friday: Library

  • Reminders

    • Have your child bring a water bottle with a cap that does not leak.
    • Children need to always have a book in their backpack.
    • Transportation changes must be in writing.
    • Bring in your WEB books!
    • Please remember to pack shoes for your child to change into, if snow boots are needed to and from school.
    • Remember, work must be made up for unexcused absences like family vacations that occur during the school year.


Week in Review

    • In Fundations, we began unit 8 on consonant blends.
    • In math, we talked about the difference between adding 40+30 and 40+3. We solved problems like these and others using strategies like counting on, drawing tens and ones and making a ten. We played some tens and ones games to help us solidify this concept and some of us were presented with challenges using tens and ones.
    • This week, in science, we observed how the sun appears to move across our sky from east to west. We made a sun finder. We also talked about the upcoming lunar eclipse and the blood moon. Don't forget to have your child observe the moon so they can see the pattern of the phases. In the helpful links section, I have included moongiant to help with moon phases observations, a clip about the eclipse and blood moon and finally a link about how we can use the sun's position to help us with direction and time.
    • In writing this week, we wrote clues about characters we have encountered in stories we have read together. Then we created a mystery behind a door. This project followed our reading of the Doorbell Rang.
    • Our SEL consultant, Amy Muldowney came in this week and read a book about feelings. The students used the clues in the pictures to determine the feeling and they discussed how people can feel more than one feeling at a time. For homework or classwork, Mrs. Muldowney asked the students to think of more feelings and write a list.
    • We continued to read more about Martin Luther King, Jr. Mrs. Levis, our new student teacher, discussed the differences and similarities between Martin Luther King's time and the present. Students worked as a group to complete a Venn Diagram with the similarities and differences.
    • Fairy Tales is our next topic in reading.
    • On Friday, we met with our learning buddies in Mrs. Pedro's third grade class. We combined our knowledge of Martin Luther King, Jr. and created a poster with important information about his life. 
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