Welcome to Room 103

Welcome to Room 103


    Monday: Music

    Tuesday: Gym

    Wednesday: Gym

    Thursday: Art

    Friday: Library

  • Reminders

    • Have your child bring a water bottle with a cap that does not leak.
    • Children need to always have a book in their backpack.
    • Transportation changes must be in writing.
    • Bring in your WEB books!
    • Remember, work must be made up for unexcused absences like family vacations that occur during the school year.


Upcoming Events

Week in Review

    • Don't forget to sign up for Spring Conferences in April.
    • SAVE THE DATE:  Come and hear our young authors at our Authors' Breakfast on June 7th from 9:15-10:00. We will share some of our stories and share breakfast as a first-grade community.
    • This week in Fundations, we reviewed trick words, suffix -ed, -ing and blends. Then on Friday, we did an assessment of 42 of our review words.
    • We continued our study of living things in science. Our focus is how animal parents protect their offspring. We read an article and viewed photographs of cranes. We then went back into the article to pull out some important information to add to our comparison chart. We have two other species of birds to research and then we will make comparisons based on the information we charted on our graph.
    • In math this week, we had another timed test for addition and subtraction. We also did some review of the concepts tested in unit 5. To get ready for our next unit, we had a pretest on the material for unit 6. 
    • In reading, we used snap words to help us figure out some mystery words. For example, if you know the word out, then you can figure out the word without, throughout or scouting.
    • I met with students about their reviews in writing. Some of the students have completed three reviews. Others are finishing their second. Next week, we will start nonfiction writing.
    • This week we participated in the Storybook Project with the Freshman from the High School. This project promotes a love of literature, community building as well as other ELA skills. Our freshman buddies visited us on Tuesday and met with a first grader. They asked some interview questions in order to create original children's books for the first grader, based on the first graders' answers to the questions. After, students enjoyed reading books, eating lunch, and even got a chance to play outside at recess together. On April 29th, we will be visiting the high school. At that time the 9th graders will present their buddies with their books! We are looking forward to seeing them again. 
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