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    Epic Code  xsm4059 during school day hours

    Epic Class Code: xsm4059
    Please try to read each evening. Read to your child, share a story with your child, or have them read independently. Choose what works best for your family, but remember comprehension is key.
    Geography books are due on Friday and will be handed back out to go home on Friday afternoons. The kids should use the question to formulate their answer. All answers should be written in complete sentences. The 5th question (Geo Moment) is optional.

    Mid-year must knows:
    2 digit addition with new groups above
    2 digit subtraction with ungrouping
    word problems using 2 & 3 digit numbers
    comparison, 2 step problems
    telling time to 5 minute intervals
    counting coins and bills

    character, setting, problem, main events,
    solution, lesson, how characters struggle and change
    elements of traditional tales

    Opinion letters
    lead, state opinion, name character and book title,
    give 3-4 reasons, each with support from text or examples or retell small part of story
    closing-reminding audience of opinion

    Social Studies
    7 continents, 5 oceans
    countries compared to continent
    Where did your own family come from?

    Solids & Liquids
    Properties describe matter
    size, shape, color, texture, bend/stretch, flexibility, sink/float, absorb
    Solids can be change, but may not go back to original form. Burning a log or ripping paper



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  • Epic Code  xsm4059 during school day hours

    Monday - Music

    Tuesday - Phys. Ed. Sneakers!

    Wednesday - Art

    Thursday - Phys. Ed. Sneakers!

    Friday - Phys. Library 9:50-10:30

    Spanish  Tu, W, F 1:40-2:00

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