• Ways to Help Your Child at Home

    Family Reading Time

    • Set aside time to read with your child in English OR your child's first language. Your child needs a good foundation to build on.
    • Talk about the story:
      • Take a Picture Walk
      • Make Predictions
      • Ask Questions
      • Make Connections

    Grocery Shopping

    • Create a shopping list with your child.
    • Identify different foods.
    • Show your child how to weigh fruits and vegetables.

     Play Dates

    • Develops oral communication
    • Fosters social development
    • Creates friendships and close ties with classmates

    Post Office

    • Encourage children to write letters.
    • Teach them how to address an envelope.
    • Take a trip to the post office to mail the letter.

    Family Trips

    • Play letter games in the car using street signs.
    • Play “I Spy” with common items in the car.
    • Discuss what is happening outside the windows. Encourage your kids to give you details about what they are seeing.
    • Make up a silly story. Be sure that your kids include a beginning, middle and end to the story.
    • Have fun! Kids will have more to talk about and write about in school if they are excited to talk about it.