• Use of Software and Apps

    Sharon Public Schools Technology Department 

    Purchase and Use of Software and Apps

    All software, programs and apps used in the Sharon Schools should comply with district policies in terms of adoption, purchase and student use.

    The Director of Technology, in collaboration with district Coordinators, Principals and other administration, will vet all software used for any educational purpose to ensure that it meets our goals of advancing learning, enhancing communication, and improving the effectiveness and efficiency of our jobs.

    Since much of our software is now web-based, use of online resources should comply with local, state and federal regulations.  The Director of Technology, in collaboration with administrators and the Tech Team, will ensure that products are CIPA and FERPA compliant.

    The purchase or use of new software or apps should be done in collaboration with the Director of Technology to ensure products are meeting district goals, are safe, and are supportable by the Tech Team.  However, teachers may download iOS apps in conjunction with the building ITS and tech support team as long as no policies are broken.

    SPS is a Google Apps for Education district.  We see the tremendous value in student and staff ability to collaborate, work asynchronously, and have access to a variety of tools that advance learning and communication.  We continue to review GAFE policies in collaboration with other districts and work to ensure student and staff information is kept secure (as well as backed up).  For more information on privacy policies, see http://www.google.com/intl/en/policies/   For GAFE family support see https://www.google.com/edu/trust/