• Dear Parents/Guardians-


    Your children are very important to the Sharon Public Schools.  As students who are learning the English language, they have specific needs and require extra attention to make sure that they all succeed.

    Your experiences and hopes as parents are also very important to us as a teaching team.  Together, as partners, we can better support your children (and your families) as they grow in their English proficiency.  Part of our commitment to our English Learners is making sure that parent and guardian voices are heard.

    To that end, we are forming a committee of parents who will meet 6 to 8 times per year, who will provide feedback to the EL team around student needs, and may offer suggestions for programs such as:

    • EL Literacy Nights
    • Special Family Events
    • Culture Studies for Teachers

    I invite you to email me back if you are interested in joining this team.  Based on the response, we will choose a first meeting time in late January.  At that meeting, we will decide when future meetings will be and what goals the group will have for the rest of this year and into the future.


    Thank you very much for considering joining this team.


    Dr. John Marcus, Assistant Superintendent, Head of the EL Program

    Email:  j_marcus@sharon.k12.ma.us