• Hardware Purchases and Removal

    Sharon Public Schools

    Procedures on Hardware Acquisition and Removal

    All hardware purchased for use in the Sharon Schools must be done so to promote the goals of the school system and technology department.  We aim to advance learning, enhance communication, and make the jobs of our consituents more effective and efficient.

    Purchases must be made under any and all School Committee policies.

    Purchases must be made according to state laws and procedures.

    Purchases should be made prudently so as to advance learning goals while not being extravagent or wasteful.

    All technology purchases must be made through the Director of Technology, whose responsibility it is to ensure hardware meets educational/district goals, is of high quality, is reasonably priced, and can be supported by the Tech staff.

    As per district practices, basic supplies should be purchased by the school department.  When hardware is new or experimental or an enhancement to basic services, it may be purchased by PTOs or other grant-givers.  When the Director of Technology deems items to be part of basic tools, they will need to be purchased by the schools.

    Removal of hardware must be done judiciously so as to ensure that all assets have met their useful lives.  Surplusing of items must follow district policies.  

    Removal/destruction of technology must be done under state and local guidelines, including the recycling of possible parts, and the destruction of sensitive data.