• Snack & Lunch Bee

    Please send a snack with your child to school every day.  There is a brief snack period for 10 minutes each afternoon around 1:40.  Healthy snacks are encouraged.  Please do not send candy or food in glass containers to school.  If you pack a juice box or plastic container please make sure your child is capable of opening it independently.  If your child’s snack requires a spoon or fork, please remember to pack one.  Since we have snack after lunch, it may be helpful to pack your child's snack in his or her backpack, rather than their lunchbox.

    Children are at recess and then lunch from 11:20-12:00.  ​Please pack a lunch or send lunch money with your child to school each day.  If your child buys lunch on a regular basis, you are welcome to send in a check at the beginning of the week to prepay his or her lunch account.  This may be helpful for some families so that your child does not have to carry cash each day.  If you wish for your child to carry his or her lunch money, you must send it in a plastic bag, envelope, or coin purse with his or her name on it.  Your child is responsible for carrying the money from recess to lunch.  Parents are also able to add money to their child’s lunch account online, using My School Bucks, or add restrictions to the quantities and types of food your child purchases, such as snacks.  For more information about accessing your child's lunch account online, visit the Food and Nutrition Services site.  You may also view the lunch menu online.  In an emergency, if lunch money or lunch brought from home is lost or forgotten, money may be borrowed from the office.  This money must be repaid the following day. 

    My School Bucks Lunch Account

    Cottage Street School Lunch Menu

    Food and Nutrition Services Site