• SPS Strategic Plan 2018-2021


    The Sharon Public Schools engaged hundreds of community stakeholders in developing a new Strategic Plan that began in the Fall of 2018. 


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    Sharon Public Schools District Plan 2018-2021



    The Sharon Public Schools strives to provide an educational community that nurtures each student on their unique journey to be lifelong learners and caring and engaged citizens of our world.


    The Sharon Public Schools is committed to providing an inclusive, safe, and healthy learning environment for all. Our District is dedicated to developing an educational foundation that fosters academics, model citizenship, and cultural diversity, in collaboration with all stakeholders. We maintain the vision that all students will apply their skills and knowledge to inspire our global society.

    Core Values

    Acceptance Equity Honesty/Integrity Respect/Kindness Teamwork

    Theory of Action

    If we make strategic decisions, allocate resources thoughtfully, and consistently practice our core values in the classroom and community at large, then each student will have a safe and enriching experience, and grow to be a life-long learner and caring, engaged citizen.

    Strategic Objectives


    1. Promote student success by ensuring a healthy school environment that supports the social and emotional well-being and the mental health of each learner


    2. Foster an equitable and inclusive learning community that ensures respectful and culturally competent relationships

    Learning Environments

    3. Provide safe, secure, accessible environments conducive for learning and adaptive to changing teaching practices that meet the needs of each learner

    Curriculum/Professional Development
    4. Implement a consistent curriculum with responsive instructional practices that meet the needs of each learner

    Strategic Initiatives

    1.1 With families and the community, develop tiered systems of support and a response process that supports students’ social and emotional skills

    2.1 Provide professional development and training to build capacity in SPS staff and community stakeholders in cultural competency and core values

    3.1 Establish a continuous facilities development and evaluation schedule based on frequent data points: flexible, responsive learning spaces; code compliant facilities; capital planning and budget forecasting; security; highly effective technology tools

    4.1 Align curriculum vertically and horizontally

    1.2 Develop and use core social emotional skills lists for early detection of skills deficits, continuing to assess and monitor progress

    2.2 Evaluate existing curriculum and research new curriculum and resources in all content areas to ensure cultural diversity and non-stereotypical representation of all student groups

    3.2 Construct or substantially renovate Sharon High School, ensuring the facility supports students’ preparedness for college and/or career

    4.2 Develop a district professional development plan that improves best practice for student-centered, culturally responsive learning

    1.3 Provide professional development in the 5 areas of SEL competencies and the use of skills-based list and tiered supports

    2.3 Recruit and retain diverse staff

    3.3 Explore creative funding mechanisms to support ideal learning environments

    4.3 Gather and utilize specific subgroup data to identify student need, creating data teams at every grade level or subject area and developing a district wide system for looking at student data


    1.4 Partner with families and the community to support students’ well-being and mental health, providing education and information about both in school and out-of-school resources

    2.4 Solicit student and family feedback regarding their connectedness to and experience with Sharon Public Schools and develop students’ and families’ ability to self-advocate

    3.4 Identify support staff and community partnerships to ensure safe, secure, and healthy learning environments

    4.4 Create a multi-tiered system of support that provides multiple ways for students to receive academic and social/emotional supports and interventions

    1.5 Provide students with instruction based on the best practices of SEL; a strong focus on culture, integrated curriculum approaches, direct instruction, and community service learning, to enhance their SEL skill sets and protect against current and future mental health concerns.

    2.5 Partner with community to enhance understanding of cultural competency


    4.5 Promote inclusive practices based on shared ownership for learning and high expectations for all

    1.6 Promote students’ physical health by providing healthier food selections and appropriate recess and exercise

    2.6 Establish and evaluate district systems to ensure equitable and inclusive learning environments


    4.6 Explore and develop project-based learning opportunities for students


    Social Emotional:

    ●  Students will report varied and healthier food selections in all SPS cafeterias as evidenced by responses to student/family surveys.


    ●  Staff will be trained in the social emotional competencies and consistently implement SEL strategies as part of Tier I instruction.


    ●  A comprehensive Tier I SEL curriculum will be identified, implemented and information sessions held for parents/families in the curriculum.


    ●  Tier II and Tier III interventions/supports will be identified and implemented consistently K-8.


    ●  The district will create a resource guide with local organization, contact information, specific available services, and accepted insurance that is provided to all administrators, nurses, psychologists, SAC, and counselors.


    ●  Decrease student-reported level of stress, lack of sleep, and risky behaviors of our secondary students.Relationships/Culture:


    ●  Increase students’ meaningful connections to adults.


    ●  Students and families will report increased self-advocacy skills and stronger sense of connection and inclusivity to the Sharon Public Schools community.

     ●  Improve student, staff, family perceptions on engagement, instruction and community support.


    ●  Increase staff diversity (central-office personnel, teachers, administrators) to reflect the diversity of the

    student population.​


    ●  Provide a variety of ongoing opportunities for educators and families to learn about cultural competency by

    providing Anti-Bias Professional Development and school-based discussions.


    ●  Increase the number of developmentally appropriate lessons regarding cultural competencies for all students.

    Learning Environments:


    ●  Continually review and enhance safety protocols and practices.


    ●  In conjunction with safety professionals, practice A.L.I.C.E. and Safe Schools protocols with all employees

    and with students, as developmentally appropriate.


    ●  Partner with Sandy Hook Promise and implement varied resources (i.e. Safety Assessment/Intervention, See Something/Say Something, Suicide Prevention).


    ●  Successfully complete the three phases of the MSBA process.

    Curriculum/Professional Development:


    ●  K-5 students will show growth in reading, writing and mathematics.


    ●  Increase access to challenging curriculum and instruction for all students.


    ●  ACCESS scores for EL (English Learners) students will increase for the next three years and the rate of transitioning EL students to FLEP (Formerly Limited English Proficiency) students will match or exceed the state rate.


    ●  Increase the number of under-represented students enrolled in accelerated/honors/AP math/Science/English courses at the secondary level.


    ●  Decrease the achievement gaps across all subgroups.