KEY  - Knowledge Empowers You

    The PTO sponsors and organizes programming that focuses on the social and emotional well-being of our children. We are planning for next year.

    Mark your calendars now for a presentation for Sharon parent and guardians by Dr. Michael Rich, Mediatrician on October 11, 2018



    Open to all parents/guardians. Free of Charge.Donations Accepted

  • Improbable Players

    Improbable Players

    6th graders will see a performance by Improbable Players, a theatre group that uses performances and workshops to
    confront and combat peer pressure - regarding alcohol, drugs and social media.
    The plays are based on real experiences and performed by people in recovery.


    Knowledge Empowers You!

    Six Tips for Managing Smartphone and Social Media

    150 parents and all SMS students heard John Halligan present at Sharon Middle School last week. During his talk, he noted a number of ways parents can be more effective at protecting their children who are using smartphones and social media 24/7. Below, almost verbatim, are six ways, but Mr. Halligan has many more tips on the resource page at

    1. Ask your child to take you to the apps they frequently use and show you what they do. Then, open up accounts on those sites and apps.

    2. Have your kids sign a smartphone contract - The agreement makes clear that the phone belongs to the parent and that kids have to follow the rules in the contract to use the phone. A sample contract can be seen here.

    3. Have your kids use just one password for their phone and all their social media accounts. Require them to give you that password.

    4. Use Parental Controls for their iPhone and iPad or Android Device- Did you know you can use Restrictions, aka parental controls, to block or limit specific apps and features on your child’s cell phone or iPad. To find out how to you can easily do this, click here for Androids and click here for iPhones

    5. Purchase monitoring and time control software to enforce your family’s smartphone and social media rules.

    6. Join Wait Until 8th. This is an organization where parents pledge not to give their kids smartphones until they are in the 8th grade or 14. This page that spells out nine important reasons kids should wait to get phones.

    For the third year, the SMS PTO is sponsoring KEY (Knowledge Empowers You), programming focusing on social and emotional issues. This year, our programming will focus on anti-bullying, social media awareness, and suicide prevention. Support and help fund these programs.

    Thank you to Sharon Education Foundation for co-sponsoring John Halligan's presentation and the purchase of KEY (Knowledge Empowers You) bracelets for SMS students.