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Library Blog

  • New Nonfiction February 2020 #2

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 2/7/2020

    A true account of the attack and sinking of the passenger ship SS City of Benares, which was evacuating children from England during WWII. (Pair with historical fiction novel, Lifeboat 12 by Susan Hood).

    This story of the SS City of Benares, a luxury ocean liner pressed into duty transporting English children to Canada during WWII, is by turns informative, intriguing, horrifying, and inspirational. Ample background information describes the London Blitz and its terrible toll on civilians, justifying why parents made the desperate decision to send their children overseas. Readers are introduced to the kids and their chaperones and share their first few idyllic days at sea, enjoying toys, games, and ample ice cream. Late one night, however, the Benares was torpedoed by a German U-boat. Several passengers died in the initial explosion; due to terrible weather, many lifeboats flipped while being lowered and dumped their occupants into the icy waters. Those who did make it into lifeboats faced hours of relentless freezing temperatures and huge waves, resulting in more deaths. Extensively documented accounts tell of harrowing escapes, incredible heroism, tragic accidents, eventual rescues, and the gruesome aftermath: only 13 children out of 90 survived, and overall the ship lost 258 of its total 406 passengers. (Booklist Starred Review, excerpt)

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  • New Nonfiction January 2020, #1

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 1/21/2020


    This book documents the achievements of government chemist Harvey Washington Wiley, revealing how his hard work and determination created the FDA and rendered foods safer from contamination by dangerous toxins that were commonly used a century ago.

    Beneath a skull-and-crossed-utensils cover, Jarrow (Spooked!, 2018) unleashes the Poison Squad as part of her fascinating, stomach-­churning account of Harvey Washington Wiley's crusade for food safety standards and regulation in the U.S. She opens with a fictional dinner scene in 1890, where she unmasks the true ingredients of a meal that realistically could have been served at the time. Sausage, canned peas, and cake sound wholesome enough, but that sausage was actually "made from a pulverized mass of meat scraps swept off the floor-along with the rat feces-and mixed with borax to keep it from rotting." (Booklist Starred Review excerpt)

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  • Audiobooks are a hit!

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 10/17/2019

    We're thrilled that our Playaways (individual audiobooks) are flying off the shelf!

    Audibook infographic

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  • Welcome Back

    Posted by Susanne Fuller on 3/27/2001

    I hope everyone enjoyed the summer and had time to read some good books. I'm looking forward to unboxing some new titles with you soon!

    BTSB 2

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