• 2019 Sharon SOTG Tournament

    November 3rd, 2019
    Sharon High School
    8:00am - 5:00pm

     SOTG Invite

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    5 Ultimate  






    7th Annual

    Sharon High School

    Spirit of the Game



     Previous SOTG Winners!!!


    2019 SOTG Spirit Awards

    Open - Middleboro HS

    Mixed - Concord-Carlisle HS


    2018 SOTG Spirit Awards

    A-Pool - East Greenwich (RI) HS

    B-Pool - Hopkinton HS


    2016 SOTG Team Spirit Awards

    A-Pool - Lexington HS

    B-Pool - Lincoln-Sudbury HS

    Girls - Newton North HS


     2015 SOTG Team Spirit Awards

     A-Pool - Newton North HS

    B-Pool - Newton South HS

    Girls - Lexington HS


    2014 SOTG Team Spirit Awards

     A-Pool - BUDA Select U19

    B-Pool - Barrington (RI)

    Girls - Lexington HS


    2013 SOTG Team Spirit Winners

     A-Pool - Cut & Run

    B-Pool - Barrington (RI)


    2012 SOTG Team Spirit Winner

     Xaverian Brothers HS



    Sunday, November 3rd 2019


    Captains/Coaches meeting 8:30am

    First round game start at 9am


    SOTG All-Stars game featuring the

    Boston Brute Squad + Boston Dig + Other Boston Club players

    @ 4pm 

    on the main football field!


    NO game scores reported and only team and individual SOTG awards!

    REQUIRED post-game SOTG cirles and SOTG scoring discussions!

    Individual SOTG winners get to play with the Brute Squad, Dig and Wildcard and other

    Boston area club playerson the main field at 4pm!



    Due to the loss of 3 fields in 2019 because of town construction, we will be sending out invites as soon as the school year starts in September!

    We will then open up the bidding process below for as many spots that are left after any of these official invites are declined!



    1) Create a team bid letter that includes the following information on your team or program:

    • a) What is the name of your team and what town/city and state are you from?
    • b) How long has your team or program been in existence?
    • c) What are you currently doing to grow the sport of ultimate in your city/town?
    • d) What are you currently doing to promote SOTG on your team and/or in your program?
    • e) Knowing that team records or game scores are not a consideration on which teams we selected, what else whould you like us to know about your team or program?



    2)  Complete the Team Information Form and return it to us along with your bid letter.

         The form and letter can be emailed to sharoneaglesultimate@gmail.com OR sent to the address in step 3.



    3)  The cost per team this year is $150 per team and it includes a team food bag, game disc, facilities

          fee, UltiPhotos fee and access to an athletic trainer through out the day.

          Team Best SOTG trophies will be awarded for all divisions!

          Please mail a check written out to SHARON HIGH SCHOOL for this amount to us at

          Sharon HS, 181 Pond St., Sharon, MA 02067 attn: David Christiansen.



    4)  Please note that bids will not be considered officially submitted until ALL 3 steps are completed!



    We will be inviting 12 open or mixed teams (4 A-pool, 4 B-pool and 4 MS pool) and 5 girls teams.


    Games will all happen at the SHS located at 181 Pond St., East Elementary School at 45 Wilshire Dr. and SMS at 75 Mountain St.


    Team selections will be posted here on Monday night, March 26th!



    This years sponsors potentially include:


         Breakmark Ultimate     Five Ultimate     Stop & Shop         


         Dunkin Donuts     Shaw's     Starbucks     Premium Cleaners


       National Ultimate Training Camp   



    UltiPhotos will aso be on site taking pictures throughout the day that will be viewable online after the tourney.  Players can purchase digital or print copies of the photos from www.ultiphotos.com!



    The Sharon Ultimate Parents Association will be selling food, drinks and snacks!



    Tourney Central will now include:


    Breakmark Ultimate Apparel

    SHS Radio Club DJs

    SHS Parents Food and Drink Tables

    Official Ultrastar SOTG Invite Discs

    Athletic Trainer Station




     2019 SOTG Team Bids Accepted

     * = Payment received!



    Sharon Boys

    Sharon Mixed

    Lexington Mixed

    East Greenwich (RI)

    Concord-Carlisle Mixed

    Lincoln Sudbury (2)

    CATS Academy



    Newton North Mixed

    Classical (RI)

    Xaverian Brothers HS

    Middleboro HS

    Ashland HS





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    Updated: March 22nd, 2018




    This event occurs on a single day.