•   Homework Policies    

          Please check your child’s home folder each night and remove school notices and completed, or corrected work from the day. This helps your child to stay organized. It’s best to look over your child’s completed or corrected work with him or her, whenever possible. Please be sure to review any errors they have made and share with them the notes that I have written on their assignments. I am often not able to review corrected work or assignment notes in class.

           Homework is an important time for you and your child to sit together and discuss what your child has learned in school that day. The homework itself is not as important as setting aside a time and place for your child to be responsible for his or her learning. Establishing good work habits now will pay off when the children are in older grades. Written homework, usually math, will be twice a week and should not exceed 10 minutes each night. Monday night’s homework will be due on Wednesday, and Wednesday’s homework will be due on Friday.

           The math homework reinforces skills that are developing in the classroom. These assignments are usually quite brief, however, they are powerful tools in helping your child gain a secure understanding of important skills. Each math homework assignment is two-sided. The front page, titled “Homework” covers material learned that day. The back page, titled “Remembering” reviews material from previous lessons. The “Homework” page is a “must-do”. The “Remembering” page is optional. If you or your child wishes, your child can complete both sides of the homework to ensure a full understanding of the current and previous content.

           There will be no homework on weekends, or during school vacation weeks. In addition to 10 minutes of written homework, reading practice is recommended for 10 minutes each night. You may read a book to your child, or have them read it to you.  In early October, the first grade team will launch our Books on the Go program which allows children to bring home leveled books that are “just right” for them. It’s a terrific program! You’ll learn more about this program in a few weeks.

         Your children are responsible for bringing in their homework on the day that it is due. I will keep a record of homework assignments, which will be reflected on the homework section your child’s report card. Homework is not graded based upon accuracy.

      Homework Help

           When assisting your child with his or her homework, please allow them to complete it to the best of their knowledge. If your child makes an error on their homework, you may leave it as is, so that I can see what areas need to be reviewed in class, or you may take advantage of the learning opportunity to help your child correct their error and leave me a note on the homework indicating that you provided help. Writing “WA” is a helpful way for me to know that your child completed the activity with assistance.


           At the beginning of each phonics unit, I will provide you with information on the phonics concepts being taught in class along with activities to practice at home. The phonics activities are optional, though they are useful and highly recommended.