Homework Policies


    Homework is written on the board every day, and I try my best to give the students a specific time to write the assignments in their planners. At that time, I review the homework to be sure the students understand their responsibilities. This is a great time for students to ask questions if they need clarification. It is expected that all students write the assignments in their planners so that homework expectations are clear. All assignments are due the next day unless a particular assignment has been given another due date. Homework is also posted on my website.

    Homework should be completed neatly, thoughtfully, and with effort. If a student has not given his or her personal best, it may be necessary to complete the assignment again. Check to be sure all of the steps or instructions have been followed. Students should always remember to put their names and the date on their work. It's important for students to get in the habit of putting an assignment into their backpacks as soon as it's complete, so they will always be prepared.

    If a student leaves homework materials in school, it is the student's responsibilty to figure out how to handle this situation. It might be necessary to call a classmate to get the assignments or to borrow a resource. 

    If a student is having difficulty completing an assignment, there are several options. Another classmate might be able to help explain an assignment or concept. Parents and guardians can also provide assistance by getting students pointed in the right direction. If a student is unable to complete an assignment, even with explanations from others,  please have the student come to see me in the morning. I will make every effort to help and to reteach a concept. I would appreciate a note from a parent or guardian to let me know more about the situation. It is important to work hard in order to finally "get" something, as this is character building and helpful as a life skill. However, if a child is truly struggling, this is stressful and unproductive.

    When students return from absences, it is their responsibility to inquire about work that was missed. Students will be required to complete assignments that I think are necessary, but they will be given appropriate time to do so. This is an important part of teaching children to be responsible, so please encourage your children to follow-up after absenses. Thank you!

    At-Home Reading 
    Once the year gets rolling, I will explain the at-home reading homework expectations. Essentially, students are required to read at least 4 times a week for a minimum of 25-30 minutes. On Thursdays, a parent or guardian should sign the child's planner indicating that the reading was completed. If your child did not read for the required time, you may jot that down, as well. It is the student's responsibility to write the titles of the books or articles he/she read during the week. This can be written in the planner near your signature.

    Math Facts Practice
    Students are expected to complete sixty addition/subtraction facts in 3 minutes, sixty multiplication facts in 3 minutes, and sixty division facts in 3 minutes. Students who are not meeting these benchmarks should be routinely practicing the facts at home.

    Practice sheets will be given at Open House in September.