About the Teacher

Mrs. Bette Mayer



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Bette Mayer

SCHOOL: East Elementary

CLASS: Grade 5

SCHOOL PHONE: 781 784-1552


All You Need to Know About Mrs. Mayer from Classes of the Past


Wait till you get to know Mrs. Mayer. She will definitely be your favorite teacher.


Let me tell you, nothing gets passed Mrs. Mayer. She knows all the excuses.


If you forget your homework once or twice, that’s okay. If you forget your homework a lot, that will not turn out so good.


Mrs. Mayer is probably the funniest teacher you will ever have. She is also very understanding.


Don’t start rumors because Mrs. Mayer will figure out who started them.


If you’re thinking about making an excuse, make sure it’s really, really good.


Mrs. Mayer is very truthful. If you do something inappropriate, she will definitely tell you.


Mrs. Mayer doesn’t like it if you forget your homework, and she gets you to do it one way or another.


There are so many pillows on Mrs. Mayer’s rug because she wants you to feel at home.


Mrs. Mayer’s rules are simple: be honest, be kind, be responsible, be respectful, and be your best.


In Mrs. Mayer’s class, don’t feel shy. If you have a question, ask it. If you don’t understand something, raise your hand. She’s always there to help you.


Mrs. Mayer is always looking out for you because she wants the best for you.


Mrs. Mayer expects you to do your best on every piece of work.


GIRLS, do not get into conflicts with each other. Mrs. Mayer doesn’t like it when someone tries to be the queen bee, and believe me, you will hear about it.


Mrs. Mayer is really smart. Don’t lie to her.


Mrs. Mayer is an Olympic ping-pong and four-square champ.


Mrs. Mayer makes the year full of surprises.


Mrs. Mayer loves kids, and she makes education fun.


Mrs. Mayer has a great personality. She loves purple. She also loves monkeys. You can imagine how much she loves purple monkeys!


Just be yourself and be good to everyone. That’s all she wants.


Mrs. Mayer is nice from the first day to the last.