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    The School Committee recognizes that valuable educational experiences (i.e. field trips) can occur beyond the school walls.

    Field trips are defined as a whole class, club, or school activity, which are conducted during the school day and/or off school grounds, and are planned by the staff. Participation in a field trip must be approved by parents/guardians via a signed parent permission slip. A field trip involves travel to an activity, event, or place. The purpose of a field trip is to support the curriculum, and is considered a component of “Time on Learning.”

    Final approval will not be granted until all preparations for the trip have been completed including, but not limited to, all logistical details involving transportation, supervision, accommodation arrangements and fundraising efforts. If students wish to engage in fundraising activity for a field trip that requires School Committee approval, such approval must occur before any related fundraising activities.

    Before any field trip is announced to the students, the trip must be approved by the Superintendent. The School Committee must approve all overnight and out-of-state travel at least four weeks in advance of the trip. If the trip costs more than $300 per student or is out of the country, School Committee must approve the trip at least three months in advance.

    With this in view, the Committee is prepared to sponsor trips and excursions provided that:

    1. The proposed trip has a clear educational value directly related to the curriculum and is appropriate to the grade level.
    2. The cost of the field trip reflects its value.
    3. The leader(s) of the trip will not benefit financially. (This does not preclude the payment of out-of-pocket costs for the leader(s) or other expenses approved by the Superintendent.)
    4. All trips will have an adequate number of chaperones.
    5. There will be no pressure on students to sign up for the trip.
    6. Alternate activities will be available for those who do not participate.
    7. Efforts will be made to assist students who have financial difficulties.

    Instructional time may be used for planning a trip, but will not be used for planning or conducting any associated fundraising activities. A staff member, defined as a school department paid employee, must chaperone all trips. The funding of such trips will be borne by the parents, with assistance from PTO’s, fundraising activities, and other private funding sources when possible.

    Teachers and other school staff are prohibited from soliciting in the schools, or through the school system, for privately run trips. The School Committee will only review for approval school-sanctioned trips. The School Committee will not review or approve trips that are privately organized and run without school sanctioning.

    A statement of final accountability must be submitted by the authorized trip sponsor promptly after the completion of the trip. Final Accountability statements should include at least the following: date; notation of advance funds received (if applicable – amount, date, and check number); complete listing of itemized expenditures paid – together with documentary evidence of payment; totals of cash or checks expended; notation and totals of credit card or open account expenses (if applicable); the amount returned to the student activities if advances received exceed documented expenditures; the amount of additional reimbursement requested if travel expenses incurred exceed travel advances received; signature of person completing final accountability statement and signature of School Principal or their designee to indicate that there has been an acceptable final accountability.

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    Revised:November 20, 2013

    Revised:June 8, 2016