ADDA-E-2 - CORI Request and Information - TRANSLATABLE Version



  1. If you have undergone a background check by an agency that has received a criminal record from the DCJIS, you may ask the agency to provide you with a copy of the criminal record. You may also request a copy of your adult criminal record from the Department of Criminal Justice Information Services, 200 Arlington Street, Suite 2200, Chelsea, MA 02150 or by calling (617) 660-4640 or go to
  1. The DCJIS charges $25.00 fee to provide an individual with a copy of his/her criminal record. You may complete an affidavit of indigence and request that the DCJIS waive the fee.
  1. Upon receipt, review the record. If you need assistance in interpreting the entries or dispositions, please review the disposition code and “how to read a criminal record” on the DCJIS website
  1. The DCJIS does not offer “walk-in” service but you may call the Legal Division at (617) 660-4760 for assistance or the CARI Unit of the Office of the Commissioner of Probation at (617) 727-5300.
  1. If you believe that a case is opened on your record that should be marked closed, you may contact the Office of the Commissioner of Probation Department at the court where the charges were brought and request that the case(s) be updated.
  1. If you believe that a disposition is incorrect, contact the Chief Probation Officer at the court where the charges were brought or the CARI Unit at the Office of the Commissioner of Probation and report that the court incorrectly entered a disposition on your criminal record.
  1. If you believe that someone has stolen or improperly used your identity and were arraigned on criminal charges under your name, you may contact the Office of the Commissioner of Probation CARI Unit or the Chief Probation Officer in the court where the charges were brought. For a listing of courthouses and telephone numbers please see
  1. In some situations of identity theft, you may need to contact the DCJIS to arrange to have fingerprints analysis conducted.
  1. If there is a warrant currently outstanding against you, you need to appear at the court and ask that the warrant be recalled. You cannot do this over the telephone.

10.If you believe that an employer, volunteer agency, housing agency or municipality has been provided with a criminal record that does not pertain to you, the agency should contact the CORI Unit for assistance at (617) 660-4640.

Note: This appendix is a verbatim copy of the document of the same title produced by the DCJIS. It should be periodically reviewed for any changes.

Cross Ref.:ADDA, C.O.R.I. Requirements

Revised:March 2, 2011

Revised:January 6, 2016

Voted: Feb. 13, 2019