• How to Make and Use QR Codes with Google Docs
    How to make a document in Google Docs visible to someone using a QR code without their having to log in to a Google account; how to make the QR code.
    How to Make and Use QR Codes with Google Docs


    1. Make your document in Google Docs as usual.


    2. Change the Share settings so that anyone with the link can access it, without having to log in:


        a. Click the  blue SHARE button at the upper right of the screen.

        b. In the dialogue box that pops up, click "Advanced" at the bottom right.

        c. By "Specific people can access" , select CHANGE and then "ON -- Anyone with the link".

        d. Click SAVE.

        e. Use ctrl-c to copy the link to your clipboard.

        f. Click DONE.


    3. Make a QR code using the free website http://www.qrstuff.com/ . Just follow the steps there:

         Step 1: Select "Website URL" (the first choice).

         Step 2: Paste in your link (that you just saved to your clipboard in Step 2 above).

         Step 3: There is no need to change the color palette.

         Step 4: Select the output format that you need (most likely "Print").


    4. To access your document, someone would scan the QR code that you printed using a QR reader app on an iPad. (It is probably also accessible from a smartphone; I haven't tried that yet.)