Answers to common questions of students and parents.

    How often should my child be reading independently each day?

    Research shows that daily reading of "just right" books will help improve a child's fluency and comprehension. It also helps to develop a love of reading.

    What are "just right" books?

    Just right books are books that are new to your child. They can understand the book even though there may be a few words per page that they do not know. When reading aloud, your child reads some parts with ease and other parts are choppy. It is our hope that the child has to do some reading work (looking at the beginning sound, sounding out, thinking what would make sense, etc.) After reading through the book one time, repeated readings are recommended to further improve fluency and comprehension.

    Should I still be reading aloud to my child at home?

    Reading aloud is the single most important factor in developing your child's interest and ability in reading. Jim Trelease, author of The Read Aloud Handbook, states "Reading aloud to children stimulates their imagination, improves their language development, and results in a more positive attitude about reading."

    How do I motivate my child to read at home?

    Be a reading model - enjoy a book where they can see you.Encourage them to grab a book and join you. 
    Make a variety of reading materials available to your child (magazines, comics, poems, joke books, and recipes).
    Listen to audio books. They can follow along with the book while listening.