• Choosing Books


    The best guide to choosing books is your child's interests. Have aconversation with them to find out what they would like to read about. 
    Whatdoes he/she enjoy? Sports? Mysteries? Science? Take your child to the local library or a bookstore to look for books on his/her favorite
    topics. It is also important that the books they select to read independently are attheir "just right" level. In a "just right" book your child is
    able to apply effective reading strategies. Trying to read a book that is too difficult will not allow your child to develop as a reader and
    will squash their love of reading. What do you do if the books your child selects are too difficult? Keep the books because they will serve
    as perfect books to read aloud. Please feel free to contact one of us if you have further questions inselecting "just right" books for your