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    The school nurse will screen students in accordance with state regulations in vision, hearing, growth and development, and for postural defects. A record of the results will be kept by the school nurse.

    Students entering kindergarten or within 30 days after school entry, must present certification that the student within the previous 12 months has passed a vision screening. For students who fail the screening and for students diagnosed with neuro-developmental delay, the school will request that the parent/guardian obtain a comprehensive eye exam and provide the results to the school.

    Every student is required to have a documented general physical examination four times: upon entering kindergarten and upon admittance to the fourth, seventh, and tenth grades.* Students transferring into school shall provide a physical exam dated one year prior to entrance or within 30 days of school entry. The results of examinations will be a basis for determining what corrective measures or modifications of school activities, if any, should be recommended. A record of all examinations and recommendations will be kept.

    Every candidate for a school athletic team will present the signed consent of a parent or guardian in order to participate on a team and will present a documented physical examination form, in compliance with MIAA rules, which will be given to the school nurse.

    The school physician will make a prompt examination of all children referred to him/her by the school nurse. Except in an emergency, the school physician will not prescribe for or treat any student.

    *In the 2014-15 school year, a physical examination will be required of those entering or being admitted to eleventh grade, not tenth grade. Beginning in the school year 2015 -16, this policy will take full effect.

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    Revised:June 11, 2014