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    Student fund-raising activities will be permitted, provided they are conductedeither:

    1. Inconjunction with a PTO, PTSO, SSEPAC,FAME, or Boosters fund-raising activity or publication, or any other organization recognized as a school system support group by vote of the School Committee, or
    1. In support of a school system sanctioned student athletic, civic, or scholar’s program, or
    1. In conjunction with a school sanctioned publication,or in thesale of tickets to a scheduled athletic, dramatic, or musical event.

    Student groups must obtain permission in advance for each fund-raising event or activity from their faculty advisor and the building’s Principal.

    Guidelines for approval for all appropriate fund-raising activities will fall under the responsibility of the Superintendent or his/herdesignee.

    All fund-raising activities will be accomplished during non-academic time periods. Any use of academic time for planning of a fund-raising activity must be approved in advance by the building’s Principal.

    The school system in no way endorses any product or service sold in conjunction with any student-involved fund-raising activity.

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    Revised:March 26, 2014