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    Searches by Staff

    The right of inspection of students' school lockers, automobiles, and/or personal property is inherent in the authority granted school committees and administrators. This authority may be exercised as needed in the interest of safeguarding students, their property and school property.

    Exercise of this authority by school officials places unusual demands upon their judgment. Searches of student lockers or personal property by school officials will be conducted in a way that protects the students' constitutional rights to personal privacy and protection from coercion. Administrative decisions to search will be consistent with the responsibility of the school system to provide an atmosphere conducive to the educational process and to act in the best interest of all students and the schools.

    Questioning by Police

    The schools have legal custody of students during the school day and during hours of approved extracurricular activities. It is the responsibility of the school administration to make an effort to protect each student's rights with respect to questioning by law enforcement officials.


    1. When law enforcement officials find it necessary to question students under 18 years of age during the school day or during extracurricular activities, a parent/guardian must be present.
    1. If custody and/or arrest is involved, the Principal will request that all procedural safeguards, as prescribed by law, be observed by the law enforcement officials.

    Revised:June 11, 2014