• First Grade

    Practicing concepts at home is very important. Here are some great concepts to practice:

    • Add and subtract within 20.
    • Work with money by identifying and counting coins.
    • Make up simple addition or subtraction math stories for your child to solve. For example, "Sam had 3 cookies and his mom gave him 2 more. How many does he have now?" Adjust the numbers to your child's needs.
    • Practice identifying numbers.
    • Count to 120 starting with any number.
    • Practice telling time in hours and half-hours using analog and digital clocks.

    (Based on the Common Core Standards)

    Some family games that use math skills:

    • Dice, cards, and board games can help your child learn addition combinations.
    • Dominoes help students practice recognizing groups of dots as numbers (subitizing).
    • The card game “War” helps kids recognize which number is greater and which is less.
    • Yahtzee
    • Mancala
    • Uno helps with number identification.
    • Any game that includes counting board steps, such as Candy Land.

    (Many of these suggestions came from: http://www.dreambox.com/parent-tips-first-grade.)