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    Attendance areas for the various schools of the town will be drawn up by the Superintendent and approved by the School Committee. Generally, students will attend the school in the attendance area in which they live.

    When establishing an attendance area, the following will be considered.

    1. Where possible, major traffic thoroughfares and natural barriers will be used for boundaries and safe walking conditions will be maintained.
    1. Where possible, school attendance zones will incorporate community patterns.

    From time to time and for a variety of reasons, it may be necessary to redesign attendance areas. The Committee will confer with community representatives prior to setting new attendance areas. However, the Committee's primary basis for judgment must be equality of educational opportunity for all students rather than the personal desires of any one group.

    The Superintendent is authorized to make exceptions to attendance lines for individual children in the best interests of the student and/or the school.

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    Revised:November 6, 2013