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    School ceremonies and decorations promoting a specific religious holiday are not permitted.

    Music programs given at times close to religious holidays should not use religious aspect of these holidays as the underlying motive or theme. Although religious music is appropriate in the schools to the extent that it is sung or presented for musical rather than religious content, its use should not violate the secular nature of the school. Pageants, plays, recitals, and other literary or dramatic activities should not be used to convey religious messages. Teachers should avoid assigning or encouraging artwork that promotes religious aspects of such holidays. If, however, individual students choose to use a religious personage, event, or symbol as the vehicle for an artistic expression, they should be allowed to take this action.

    The above statements should not be interpreted to preclude the factual and objective teaching about religions, religious holidays, and religious differences.

    Legal Ref.:603 CMR 26:05, Access to Equal Educational Opportunity, Curricula

    Revised:October 23, 2013