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    The School Committee establishes the following guidelines for discussion of controversial issues in the schools.

    1. Controversial issues selected by teachers for classroom discussion must relate directly to the objectives and content of courses approved by the School Committee for inclusion in the curriculum.
    1. The teachers' right to introduce controversial issues in classroom presentations does not include the right of advocacy. Teachers must refrain from using their positions to express partisan points of view.
    1. Objective and scholarly discussion is the expectation.
    1. Teachers must ensure that the reasoned arguments of all sides of an issue are given equal presentation and emphasis in classroom discussions.
    1. Teachers may invite visitors from outside the schools to give presentations on controversial issues when the visitors offer qualifications and resources not available in the schools as provided for in Policy IJOB. In all cases, teachers must obtain from the appropriate Principal permission to invite visitors for classroom presentations, and in the absence of appropriate CORI requirements, must remain with the classroom guest at all times. Permission must be requested at least 48 hours before the scheduled time of presentation.
    1. A request by a student, or a group of students, to hold a forum during or outside of the school day on school grounds will be made to the Principal at least three weeks before the scheduled date of presentation.
    1. Preparation for the presentation of a forum will not cause any student or teacher to miss class and will not cause the cancellation of any class.
    1. No permission will be granted to non-school groups or individuals to make presentations on controversial issues in the schools during school hours. Requests for after-school or evening use will be processed in accordance with the Committee's policy on community use of school facilities.
    1. No permission will be granted to non-school personnel or any students for distribution of literature on controversial issues to students in general or to class groups.
    1. No literature may be distributed on school grounds by non-school personnel or any students unless permission is first obtained by the building administration.

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    Revised:February 12, 2014